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    Stellar Solar has a long history of providing solar power to non-profit and faith-based organizations. We understand that lowering your energy costs frees up more monies to serve your constituencies and we have experts on our commercial team that specialize in serving non-profit institutions like yours, including regional hospitals and research centers, churches, schools and universities.

    Large facilities associated with Churches use a ton of power.  The lights in the church, the lights in the parking lot, the A/C, all these contribute to a huge power bill that can really cut in to your funds.  That's why so many churches are starting to go solar: it makes sense to utilize what is naturally given to us in order help us save money.  Installing solar can greatly reduce or even potentially zero out your power bills, saving more moneys for you and your constituents to use in other areas.

    So whether its a roof-mounted system, or a carport, we have installed solar on many different churches and we can work up a custom solution for your church.  We've been trusted by some of the biggest brands in California, including US Foods, The Salk Institute, and Cedars-Sinai Hospital.  With Stellar Solar, your installation is in good hands.

    We've installed on many churches in San Diego including:

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  • With a fairly large campus in Rancho Bernardo, San Rafael Parish paid almost $100,000 in electricity costs last year. By deploying rooftop solar on four buildings, the parish's annual bill is expected to shrink by almost 75%, to less than $25,000. "At that rate, we expect this investment will pay for itself in savings very quickly,"

    San Rafael Parish Pastor

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