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  • Government Building Solar Installation San Diego

    Local governments in Southern California have woken up to the power of solar and how it can help reduce energy usage and power bills for their institutions. Huge AC bills in the summer required to keep courthouses and libraries cool can be a big drain on county resources, which can be easily reduced by installing a large carport system or rooftop system.  It saves institutions money, which ultimately saves taxpayers money, which is something we can all agree on.

    Local military institutions have also tapped Stellar Solar to install large system to reduce energy consumption.  We have installed for Navy, Airforce, and Army, which speaks to the trust the community has for us. Our team has been trusted by the US government to do work in high security areas, and maintain confidentiality before and after the project has been completed.  

    We've been tapped by many companies and large institutions to complete systems ranging from 30 kW to over 1 MW in size, in a large variety of settings and under a wide variety of conditions. We offer solutions for every situation, which can include carports, rooftop systems, ground mounts and more.  No matter your situation we can work up a system that will power your institution for years to come.

    Some of our recent government installations include:

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