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  • Solar Installation for Hospitals San Diego

    Many Hospitals in Southern California and across America are waking up to the benefits of solar. Having to power large AC systems in the summer, plus the many machines that keep people alive make hospitals a perfect candidate to benefit financially from solar. Also, in case of an outage, solar can serve as backup power to keep those vital machines running.

    Hospitals present thousands of opportunities to increase energy efficiency and solar can aid in that process.  A large enough system can greatly offset or even completely eliminate a hospitals power bills, like our installation at Cedars-Sinai Hospital which has saved them a ton of money.  We can do an in-depth analysis to figure out just how much power we can offset with the space and time we have.  We've installed on some of the biggest brands in Southern California, including US Foods and the Salk Institute, so you know we are trusted amongst Southern California businesses.  

    Stellar Solar will also conduct educational meetings, such as Lunch-and-Learns, to help get your doctors and nurses up to speed on solar and even offer special discounts to members who choose to go solar at home. Having solar also assures your staff that you are dedicated to renewable energy and our environment, which can boost morale and employee opinion of your facility.

    To inquire about going solar to your hospital facility, contact Stellar Solar today.

    Some of our recent hospital clients include:

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