• Solar for Non-Profits

    Stellar Solar has a long history of providing solar power to non-profit organizations. We understand that lowering your energy costs frees up more money that we know your organization certainly needs.  We have experts on our commercial team that specialize in serving non-profit institutions like yours, including regional hospitals and research centers, churches, schools, and universities.

    We know that large facilities and campus settings are presented with a vast array of both challenges and opportunities in order to increase their energy efficiencies and lower energy costs. Our experienced team will analyze your energy consumption and present you with several options and help guide you and your organization through the complex process of going solar and make it streamlined and easy to understand.

    Stellar Solar installed commercial systems with a wide range of sizes on structures such as churches, non-profit facilities, and businesses.  Depending on your situation, we can install on your rooftop or can provide parking/carport structures and large ground mounts. We are also knowledgeable in working with many types of third-party financing, including commercial leasing, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), PACE financing, lease-to-own and of course, straight purchase.

    To inquire about going solar and saving money on your utility bills for your nonprofit or faith based organization, contact Stellar Solar today. 

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