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  • School Solar Installation San Diego

    Many schools in Southern California and across America are waking up to the benefits of solar. Having to power large AC systems in the summer and cafeteria facilities makes schools perfect candidates for benefitting financially from solar. In San Diego, many schools have already made the switch and are reaping the benefits.

    For example, we recently installed a large system on the King Chavez Preparatory Academy in San Diego, CA.  With this installation, they were able to greatly reduce their power bill.  Like many of our installations, like the one on US Foods, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, and the Salk Institute, we were able to save the King Chavez Preparatory school a ton of money, which they were better able to allocate towards their students and teachers.

    For private schools who are supported by tuition, Stellar Solar will also conduct educational meetings, such as Lunch-and-Learns, to help get your student's parents up to speed on solar and even offer special discounts to members who choose to go solar at home.

    To inquire about going solar and saving money on your utility bills for school, contact Stellar Solar today.

    Some of our recent school clients include:

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