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  • Many Synagogues in San Diego are waking up to the benefits of solar.  Energy costs can be a huge burden on faith-based organizations, as they often require alot of energy through air conditioning and large lighting setups.  With solar, synagogues can greatly reduce or even eliminate their large power bills, freeing up money to serve their constituencies and upgrade their facilities.  

    Synagogues with large facilities face a wide range of challenges and opportunities in order to lower energy costs.  Stellar Solar's experienced team can do an in-depth energy analysis of your synagogue, and provide multiple options of how to eliminate your power bills.  Your constitutents, and the planet, will thank you.

    Utilize the 26% Federal Tax Credit

    The lucrative federal solar tax credit is still active,  which means that 30% of your solar energy system installation costs are subtracted directly from your federal income tax payments in the following year.  On top of that, added savings from accelerated depreciation, which results in another 25% reduction, produce an investment machine with a quick and potent ROI. We can also provide financing solutions through power purchase agreements and leasing options.

    Incentive, Tax, and Grant Program Experts

    One of the main Stellar Solar differentiators is that our team is knowledgeable of every possible federal, state, and local tax credit or incentive to enable you to install a solar system for the least amount of cash. We can explain these options to you in an easily understandable way to help with your bottom line. 

    So contact us today for a free energy analysis, so you can power your synagogue with the Sun.