• Going Solar Checklist

    1. Always get a competitive quote…but make sure one is from Stellar Solar.
    2. Beware of anything given for free with a solar purchase such as an iPad or similar. That cost will be worked into the price of your solar power system.
    3. There are no solar programs sponsored by the city or county of San Diego…or any city for that matter. These programs are marketing ploys made up by solar dealers and any rebates promised are again, worked into the price of your solar power system.
    4. Check social review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to read actual customer reviews of your potential solar power companies.
    5. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource to reference also. Look for a solar power company with an A+ rating.
    6. Make sure your solar installer is a licensed contractor with a California contractor number. Stellar Solar carries a C-10 contractor’s license, considered the gold standard for PV solar power installation.
    7. Make sure your solar installer is properly insured.
    8. Do not be pressured by salespeople to sign anything on-the-spot or prices that are good for one day only. Solar Companies that resort to those tactics are not around very long.
    9. Not all solar leases are created equal. Ask questions about escalators, what type of solar panels are being used, fine print, and hidden costs.

    Experience and longevity count in the solar business. Make sure who you select has a track record and significant solar panel installations under their belt.