• Solar Inverter Red Light Flashing

    Have you noticed issues with your solar system recently? Perhaps you've seen a red light flashing on your inverter. That means there is an issue with your inverter, and that you are likely losing solar system production. That means you're losing out on those sweet savings that you were promised when you got your solar installed. 

    Red lights on solar inverter almost always indicate an error of some sort. Most of these times these errors are faults. Some of these faults are Electrical Arc Faults, Earth/Ground faults, or Communications faults.

    If you’re tech savvy you may be able to identify the issue causing the communications fault and re-establish the internet connection to your inverter. How complex this is depends on the make and model of your inverter it      is recommended you visit your owner’s manual for more information.

    Arc faults and Ground faults prevent your solar from producing energy. It is highly recommended these types of issues get resolved as soon as possible to prevent a high utility bill. Electrical Faults will require a certified PV            electrician to diagnose and resolve them. It is strongly advised that homeowner DO NOT attempt to resolve these issues on their own as doing so may void a manufacturer’s warranty or worse cause injury.

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