• Solar Inverter Troubleshooting San Diego

    The solar inverter is an extremely important part of the solar system. It converts the power that the solar panels create into power that is usable by the home. That said, if you are having problems with your inverter, you should make sure that you get them taken care of immediately so that you don't lose any solar production.

    If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your solar inverter or monitoring, you need to get it checked out immediately so you don't find yourself down on production:

    Common Solar Inverter Issues:

    You may also have an inverter whose warranty is expired. If that's the case, you may not be covered by the manufacturer for any repairs or maintenance. We can take up that responsibility and service your inverter or provide an upgrade if needed. To check to see if your warranty is expired, please check here:

    Typical Solar Warranty Expirations:

    • Typical Fronius Inverter warranty 10-years
    • Typical SMA Inverter warranty 10-years
    • Typical SolarEdge inverter warranty 12-years
    • Typical Enphase micro-inverter warranty 25-years
    • Typical SunPower micro-inverter warranty 25-years
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