• Solar Panel Patio Cover Installation San Diego

    If you live in San Diego, you know that you need some shade for your patio, otherwise, you will be in that burning Sun all day. So while you could install a normal patio cover or trellis, why not take advantage of that space and install solar on it? Solar panel patio covers have recently risen in popularity, as many homeowners who don't want penetration of their roof are opting to utilize the solar panels not only to power their home, but to shade their patio or porch. It's a great way to get a dual-use out of your panels.

    Advantages of a Solar Panel Patio Cover:

    • Shades your patio
    • No roof penetration required
    • Can fit a ton of panels
    • Will power your entire home
    • Aesthetically pleasing

    So if you're interested in a solar panel patio cover in San Diego, contact us today.

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