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    It's no secret that in San Diego and surrounding areas, where housing inventory is low and many people rent, that multi family homes are an extremely common form of housing. As a result, there are thousands upon thousands of multi family homes in the area, housing a multitude of families from a wide variety of different income levels. As millennials move into the housing market, more and more people are looking to purchase these multi family homes, and rent them out to others to help pay for their mortgage. 

    What San Diego residents who own multifamily units should know, whether they are renting them out or live in them, is that installing solar is a great option for multi family homes for reducing or eliminating electric bills. Many multi family homes have large amounts of roof space that makes them perfect for installing solar. Once installed, they can eliminate electric bills for the homeowner, savings which they can pass down to renters, a deal which can make the rental more attractive for both the savings and the smaller carbon footprint.
    So if you own a multifamily home and are looking to install solar - you should know that there are a number of ways to pay for your solar that can fit your budget. You can always pay cash if you have it up front, but we suggest financing the system - which allows you to install for no money down and pay monthly payments towards your system that are less than what you were paying the utility. You can also get a Tax Credit for the system which makes it an even better deal.
    Stellar Solar has been installing solar on multi family homes in San Diego for over 20 years, since 1998. We have experience on installing on every roof type and variety, so the likelihood we can make it work for you is very high. We are also highly ranked on Yelp, Angie's List, and Google Reviews, and have been voted the best solar company in San Diego 8 out of the last 10 years. So if you're looking for a quote for solar panels on multifamily homes in San Diego, contact us today.