• Solar Panel Pergola San Diego

    solar pergola san diego

    Many homeowners in San Diego who have a patio or porch are making use of solar panel pergolas to both shade their patios and produce power. These dual-purpose structures are great for homeowners that don’t want to install solar panels on their roof or who don’t have enough space on their property for a ground mount. With there being so much Sun in San Diego, a solar panel pergola is the perfect way to both shade your patio and produce power to offset your electricity usage.

    While many homeowners may try to install a DIY solar pergola or patio cover, it's best to let a real solar panel installation company do the install. Even if you are an experienced DIY'er or electrician, there are many things that can go wrong in a solar installation, especially on a fragile structure like a pergola. That's why we encourage any homeowner looking to install a solar panel pergola to contact us.

    Stellar Solar has been installing solar in San Diego since 1998. Since then, we’ve been voted the best solar company in San Diego by readers of the San Diego Union Tribune 8 times, including in 2020. That’s why if you’re looking to install a solar pergola in San Diego, we are the right choice. We have experience installing solar on every type of structure, including ground mounts, roof mounts, solar carports and more. So if you’re looking to shade your patio while producing a ton of power, contact us today.

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