• Solar Power for Detached Garages in San Diego

    Many homeowners in San Diego have detached garages or granny flats. These can be used as rental units, storage, etc. but as rental prices go up in the area more homeowners are constructing these types of structures on their properties. Many homeowners who have these types of structures on these properties want to install solar on them to offset the extra usage, or maybe they don't want the panels installed on the roof of their actual home.

    Many of our customers will install solar just to offset a new renter or tenant in their granny flat. Others will install to offset an electric vehicle - both are great applications for installing solar on a detached garage. Either way, there are many applications for installing on a detached garage, and we can make it happen easily.

    Stellar Solar has a ton of experience installing solar on detached garages and granny flats. We've installed over 10,000 systems on a very wide variety of homes and structures, on homes that other solar companies turned down. So the likelihood that we can make it happen for you is very high. So if you're looking to install solar on a detached garage in San Diego or surrounding areas, contact us. We can certaintly make it happen, and we have the best customer service and installation quality of any company in the area. 

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