• Solar Powered Hydroponic Systems

    In recent years, indoor hydroponic plant growing systems have become more and more popular as a way to grow plants in a highly controlled, nutrient rich environment.  As solar has become cheaper, many indoor hydroponics growers have discovered the benefits solar power can have on their operations.  Solar can be used to offset the high electric bills that come with using indoor hydroponics systems, keeping your bill what it would have been without the grow.  This presents several advantages for growers, including:

    • Cost - Indoor grow lights, while mostly LED and very efficient, still suck up a ton of power, depending on the size of your grow.  These costs can stack up, and before you know it, you can be paying a pretty penny to keep your plants lit and healthy. A small grow room has the potential to double the usage of a house’s electricity usage, (average American family uses 936 kWh per month) so a solar system is essential for keeping costs down.
    • Dependability - Having a solar system can guarantee that even when your power is disrupted, you will have light for your plants.  This prevents the plants from becoming unhealthy in any power outages.
    • Sizing - Determining what size system you will need to offset your hydroponic grow system depends on several factors.  Depending on the size of your grow, what you're growing, and the strength of your lights, your system size could vary greatly.  We can consult with you on the size of your hydroponic system and figure out how much solar you'll need to offset the electrical load.  

    So if you're in San Diego and are thinking about starting a solar powered hydroponic grow, give us a call today to get started.