• Solar Providers Near Me

    Looking for a solar provider in San Diego?  We know that when doing your research in this market it can be hard to choose.  There are so many options, all of which may seem equally appealing.  But the fact is that there a few solid choices in the San Diego market, and those are the companies that have been around forever, that are reputable.  In order to help you, the solar consumer, get a good idea of what companies you should be looking at in San Diego, we compiled this list of the best solar providers in the San Diego area.

  • 1. Baker Electric Solar

    Baker Electric Solar, which formed out of Baker Electric, is one of San Diego's longest standing and reputable solar companies.  Baker Electric is the parent company, which has been doing electric work out of Escondido since 1938.  Baker boasts great reviews on Yelp and has been voted as the top solar subcontractor in the USA.  

  • 2. Sullivan Solar Power

    Sullivan Solar Power has been operating in San Diego, Orange, LA and Imperial counties since its inception in 2004.  Sullivan is highly reputable and has great ratings across the board - plus they one the Union Tribune San Diego's "Best of" poll for best solar company last year.  They regularly do solar seminars in San Diego to educate San Diego homeowners.

  • 3. Semper Solaris

    Semper Solaris was founded in 2012, and is known for hiring only former marines.  One of the founders has been in the solar industry since 1998 and was a former Marine Corps captain.  They were awarded Residential Dealer of The Year by SunPower in 2015.

  • 4. Solare Energy

    Solare Energy has been around in the San Diego market for around 25 years.  They are highly reputable and have great reviews on websites like Guild Quality.  They were established via the merger of Van’s Electric and Economics Energy Consultants. 

  • 5. SunRun

    Although a national installer, SunRun has been one of the only big-box companies to maintain a decent reputation.  In San Diego they have a solid Yelp score of four stars, which, compared to other big-box companies, is really good.  They are also backed by huge amounts of funding so likely they will be around for awhile.  If you are going to consider one of the larger solar companies, SunRun is definietly one to consider.

  • 6. SunPower

    SunPower has been the world's leading solar panel manufacturer for over 30 years. They make the highest efficiency, most durable panels on the market, and have dedicated themselves to being THE quality solar company in the US. They now have a network of "Master Dealers", which are highly qualified local solar installers that are stringently evaluated by SunPower for quality and customer service. SunPower and their network of Master Dealers are a sure-thing when it comes to solar, and should be considered anywhere Master Dealers operate.

  • We hope this list of the top solar providers in San Diego helps you on your search.  Our positioning in the local market has allowed us to pinpoint these companies as we have been around long enough to see many companies rise and fall, but these select few have stood the test of time.  When you're looking at going solar, we only suggest that you understand what you're getting into with the company that you choose, and that you do a ton of due diligence before making a move.  Don't simply choose a company because you've heard about them on the news or radio.