• Solar West Out of Business: What Do I Do?

    As you may or may not have heard, Solar West, a solar company in San Diego, has gone out of business. As is the narrative for many solar companies that have come and gone, Solar West had a solid 5 years of business, installing on many homes in San Diego. If you are one of those people - wondering, "Solar West is out of business, what do I do?" We are here to help. We are one of Southern California’s longest standing solar companies, in the business since 1998 with over 12,000 installations completed and in business for the long haul. We can service your Solar West system, or provide a diagnostic to figure out what it may need to function properly. You can rest assured that we will be here for you in the long run, and can fix your system up right in no time.


    We are only providing service repair work or inspections of solar systems. Repair work and inspections will be performed for a fee. We are NOT taking over any warranty work, lease payments, or monitoring services for defunct companies.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide any details related to your original installer’s bankruptcy as we don’t have any information. We recommend you contact the companies handling the bankruptcy for information regarding these matters.

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