• SolarEdge Energy Hub San Diego

    SolarEdge, one of the world’s top solar providers, has recently released it’s all-in-one home energy solution that they refer to as Energy Hub. Energy Hub is a future-looking solar inverter that is battery backup and EV charger compatible. Its record-breaking efficiency maximizes solar savings, and it’s forward-looking compatibility features allow for the connection of smart home energy appliances of all types. It serves as the centerpoint of an energy system you can create in your home that will allow you to save a ton of money, and live green into the future. Stellar Solar is excited to be installing the Energy Hub for San Diego homeowners.

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  • Features

    • Whole or partial home backup
    • Connection up to three inverters and six batteries
    • Backed by an industry leading 12 year warranty
    • Powered by HD-Wave and Prism technology with 99% efficiency
  • So if you’re looking to install the most innovative solar + battery + car charger combination on the market in San Diego, contact us today. Our award-winning team is ready and waiting to help you transition your home’s power into the future.