• SPR X22 370AC Solar Panels

    Introducing the new SunPower 370 AC module, a record-breaking efficiency panel just released by SunPower, designed specifically for use with SunPower InvisiMount™ racking system.  They come standardly equipped with a SunPower Monitoring System, which allows customers to track their solar producing in real-time.  SunPower panels also boast beautiful system aesthetics, and intuitive visibility into system performance. It also boasts the highest efficiency of any solar panel on the market at 22.7%.

  • The Most Efficient Panel on the Market

    Maximum Efficiency

    • Highest efficiency panel on the market at 22.7%

    Design Driven Advantages

    • #1 module aesthetics and efficiency
    • Unmatched module reliability
    • No electrolytic capacitors
    • 25-Year Combined Product and Power Warranty 

    Maximize Value for Roof

    • Size system for roof, not string inverter
    • Optimize performance of each module

    Expand Deployment Options

    • Complex roofs and partial shading
    • Small systems
    • System expandability

    To learn more: SPR 370AC Datasheet