• 40 Year Useful Life Solar Panels

    40 year useful life solar panels

    SunPower Useful Life

    SunPower solar panels lead the way in offering the most value to homeowners because SunPower panels can produce more energy. SunPower high-efficiency solar panels generate 70% more energy over the first 25 years than Conventional Panels in the same space.  And now, new data indicates that SunPower panels will have a Useful Life of more than 40 years!  Along with a warranty that guarantees more power,3 SunPower panels offer greater long-term reliability, increased savings, and potentially higher home resale value.

  • Predictable Financial Savings

    Reliable long-term performance means more predictable savings than Conventional Panels over the system’s lifetime. While homeowners with Conventional solar systems watch production decrease and savings decline, you can look forward to your solar savings for the next 40 years.

  • Higher Home Resale Value

    With solar power, your home can potentially enjoy a higher resale value.  A recent U.S.government study found that solar homes sold for approximately $5,500/kW more than non-solar homes.  Since 21.5% efficiency X-Series SunPower panels allow homeowners to install more watts per square foot, you can install more kilowatts in the same space and maximize your home’s potential resale value in Year 1.  And, with 40 years of reliable production, your resale advantage may grow even further.