• Why SunPower Battery Storage?

    Solar batteries have become very popular over the last two years, and for good reason.  Batteries present several benefits for solar homeowners, including being able to store your extra clean power you produce during the day for use at night.  This also can protect you from power outages or shutoffs.


    • Energy Regulation - Advanced energy storage solutions combined with integrated software regulate your solar production and home energy needs and allots energy when you need it, which leaves you some for later in the night when you aren't producing.  
    • Power Backup - Having a battery installed ensures that you will keep your power on no matter what happens, whether there's a blackout or electrical issues.  That means you have peace of mind when it comes to keeping power flowing to your fridge, your freezer, your chargers, your computers.  It's essentially power security.
    • Lower Bills - With battery storage, you're storing the extra power you produce during the day to be used at night.  That means those lights you turn on, that tv you're running, or the A/C you need on to sleep, won't cost you a dime.  This maximizes your solar energy production and utilization.
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  • How it Works

  • Equinox Solar

    The fully-integrated SunPower Equinox system, with all parts and panels from SunPower, produces 60% more power than other solar systems, making it the most efficient solar system on the market.

  • Battery Storage

    Power is stored in the state-of-the-art sonnenBatterie sysytem for later use.

  • Power Regulation

    Integrated software regulates when power is used from the battery or grid, maximizing your solar utilization.

  • Distribution

    The battery distributes power to your home, allowing you to power your appliances, cars, and more.