• SunPower Commercial Solutions

    Businesses, non-profit organizations, and faith-based organizations across the US have become aware of benefits of solar on their bottom line, and have turned to SunPower for installation. SunPower commercial solutions are offered everywhere SunPower dealers install solar, which is basically anywhere in the US. 

    We are the local installers of SunPower Commercial Solutions,  and have been installing commercial solar and across the US since 1998.  Our portfolio of installations includes many big-named businesses and institutions including Cedars-Sinai Hospital, US Foods, The Salk Institute, Scrooscoop Fastener Co., and many more.  We've installed on every type of business from churches, to non-profits and schools.  There's a reason business owners trust us and we've been voted the best solar company in San Diego 5 out of the last 7 years.  

    Combine our 19 years of experience with SunPowers 30 years of solar panel manufacturing and you've got a combination that equals solar success.  

  • SunPower Helix Solutions

    The SunPower Helix Commercial solar system is the first all-in-one commercial solar system that combines the panels, racking, and monitoring all from the same manufacturer.  Everything, from the solar cells to the monitoring software is made to work together and is designed to be installed easy and efficiently.  The Helix system utilizes the highest efficiency solar panels possible to maximize production, and is designed for every surface from roof to ground.  The seamless integration from cell to software increases efficiency and ease of installation, bringing the best of both worlds together.  

  • SunPower Helix Commercial Solutions