• Panasonic Solar Warranty Comparison

    Every part of a SunPower Equinox™ system is meticulously designed to work perfectly together, and rigorously tested for long-term reliability. That’s why the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty is the only warranty to cover your whole system (not just the panels).  Compare it to other warranties like the Panasonic one below, and it's clear that SunPower has the best warranty in the market.

  • SunPower Complete ConfidencePanasonic Solar Warranty
    Product Quality
    Panel25 Years12 years - 25 years
    Inverter25 yearsN/A (seperate inverter manufacturer warranty)
    Racking25 yearsN/A (seperate racking warranty)
    Monitoring Technology10 yearsN/A (seperate monitoring manufacturer warranty)
    Power Production
    Power WarrantyYesYes
    Included Servicing / Labor
    Shipping - new partYesNo
    Shipping - old partYesNo
    Warranty Terms to Note
    Excludes direct contact with bodies of salt water (beachside acceptable)*25 years only if system is registered within 90 days and installed by select authorized Panasonic Dealers