• Tampa Residential Solar

    Everyone knows that Tampa is a brilliant part of the Sunshine state that is known for having a great climate and an abundant amount of bright sunny days. As you might expect, it’s the perfect climate for solar with over 244 days of sunshine per year. Keep in mind that the United States has 205 days of solar in comparison, which shows how perfect solar panels in Tampa really are.

    Going solar in the Tampa Bay area is usually an amazing financial option for homeowners in Florida.


    1. You’re saving serious money on your electricity bill. This is especially of note to anyone who runs AC or has a high electricity bill in the state of Florida! Oh, and on top of this there are amazing incentives like the 26% Federal Tax Credit.
    2. You’re lessening pressure on the power grid. When utility companies have lots of customers going solar - they get access to another cheap electricity source that decreases stress on the grid overall.
    3. You’re using green energy. Let’s be honest - you’re living in one of the sunniest parts of the United States. Why not take advantage of an abundant natural resource?
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  • Solar in Tampa: Net Metering and Property Tax Exemption

    The state of Florida has numerous solar incentives to help homeowners adapt and go solar. These include a property tax exemption and Net Metering which is a total game-changer for the economics of going solar. 

    The state of Florida allows net metering which is a scheme that allows homeowners to sell any excess power back to the grid! Basically, when your solar panels generate more energy than you need - the electricity is sent to the grid - and you get a credit from the utility company. 

    It’s a perfect win-win because it allows you to lower or eliminate your electricity bills entirely while helping the power company balance the electricity grid. 

    26% Federal Tax Credit

    This is a brilliant incentive for any taxpayer. Imagine this: you purchase a solar system in Tampa for cash or via a loan. Your system costs $20,000 and you receive a tax credit of $5,200. That’s a big discount on your taxes. It’s especially nice because if you don’t use it all - you can roll your tax credit on to next year if needed.

    Stellar Solar in Tampa Bay Area

    Our company has been powering homes and businesses since 1998! We’ve installed over 14,000 rooftop and ground mounted solar panel systems for residential and commercial solar projects. 

    Our reputation as a Best Solar Power Company has been thoroughly established by 20+ years worth of strongly positive customer reviews. Thus, customer referrals are our primary source of new business. This is reflected by our massive amount of five star reviews on Yelp. 

    In general, our team of solar energy consultants take a truly consultative, educational, and no-pressure approach to solar education. We offer a variety of solar panel, inverter, and battery storage solutions for every type of home and budget. 

    From solar panels for residential homes, to ground mounts, to commercial or utility-scale solar installations - we like to do a great job for our clients.

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