• Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer San Diego

    SDG&E is implementing rolling blackouts throughout San Diego County as part of their public safety power shutoff plan to prevent potential fires from downed power lines during this time of strong Santa Ana winds. If you are a homeowner concerned by these blackouts, you can be prepared by installing solar + a Tesla Powerwall. By backing up your solar power with the Powerwall, you can have peace of mind that during these blackouts you will keep the lights on, day and night. 

    The other advantage of installing solar + battery storage is the ability to offset Time of Use Charges. By installing a battery, you can store the extra solar power you create during the day in the battery for use during the on-peak hours. So then, when 4pm hits, you are using the power from the battery instead of the expensive power from the grid. This can save homeowners a ton of money, and allow them to use their home appliances and electronics worry-free in those times.

    The Tesla Powerwall is the premiere solar battery in 2020, providing a fully-integrated battery system for residential use. It boasts a state of the art rechargeable lithium ion battery, which allows power to used for backup, time-based control and personal consumption. It's beautiful compact design, along with it's record-breaking capacity, makes it the most sought after solar battery on the market.

    Luckily for San Diego homeowners, Stellar Solar is now a Tesla Powerwall certified installer. We received the certification in the Spring of 2019, and are therefore now fully certified to install Powerwall's on homes and businesses in San Diego. Now we are combining our 20 years of solar experience and Tesla's state of the art technology to create a solar-battery backup system could be considered the best in the world.

    So contact us today if you want to get a Tesla Powerwall in San Diego. You will be creating and storing clean reliable power, and will be free from relying on the power company. We can provide you a quote virtually from the comfort of your own home.

    For more information about the Powerwall:

    Tesla Powerwall Datasheet

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  • Keep the lights on

    Never lose power again, even during rolling blackouts by using your Tesla Powerwall to back up your home's power. 

  • Offset TOU Charges

    Program your battery to store power you create during the day for use during expensive On-peak times so you can avoid paying high rates.

  • Add to your home value

    Much like solar, adding a battery can add a ton to your home's value. Make it even more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Tesla Powerwall + SunPower Panels: A Match Made in Solar Heaven

  • Performance Specifications
    AC Voltage120/240V
    Total Energy14 kWh
    Usable Energy13.4 kWh
    Warranty 10 years
  • Mechanical Specifications
    Dimensions1150 mm x 753 mm x 147 mm
    Weight251.3 lbs
    Mounting OptionsFloor or Wall Mount
  • Environmental Specifications
    Operating Temperature-4° to to 122°F
    Optimum Temperature32° to 86°F
    Operating Humidityup to 100%
    EnvironmentIndoor and Outdoor rated
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