• Tesla Wall Connector Installation San Diego

    tesla wall connector installation san diego

    The Tesla Wall Connector, specifically designed to charge Tesla Electric vehicles, is the best way to charge your car at work, home, wherever you can install it. You just simply plug in your Tesla overnight and by the morning it's charged. If you're looking to have a Tesla Wall Connector installed in San Diego, we are an certified Tesla installer, and our professional team of electricians can do it for you in a timely and efficient manner.

    Features of the Wall Connector include:

    • Customizable levels of power, so they are adaptable to a large range of circuit breakers
    • They are compatible with power supplies of 208-250 volts
    • Up to four Wall Connectors can share the same power source, allowing the owner to charge multiple cars at a time
    • Can be installed in or outdoors
    • Comes with a 48 month warranty

    So if you need Tesla Wall Connector installation in San Diego, contact us today.

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  • ModelRecommended circuit breaker for maximum charge rate
    Model S60 amp circuit breaker
    Model 3 Mid Range and Standard Range40 amp circuit breaker
    Multiple Teslas100 amp circuit breaker