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    Vista, CA is one of the best locations for solar power in the United States – with abundant sunshine (over 2,000 hours of usable sunlight per year) and being close enough to the ocean as to maintain a moderate climate that is more conducive to solar panel production.

    In addition, Vista homeowners have above average levels of square foot roof space and often have ample amounts of land to place a Vista solar ground mount.

    Best Solar Company in Vista

    SunPower by Stellar Solar has been Vista's choice for solar installation since 1998.  Since then we've earned a repuation of being the best solar company in San Diego, as evidenced by our winning of the Union Tribune Readers poll for best solar company 5 out of the last 7 years.  So if you are looking for a PROVEN solar company in Vista, Stellar Solar is the choice.

     If you want to learn more about solar power in Vista, contact us and schedule a free solar site evaluation today.

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