• Weinberger Courthouse Carport Solar

  • Solar Installation Weinberger Courthouse Carport

    Number of Modules: 500

    DC System Size (kW): 155 DCkW

    Install year: 2017

    Physical Address: 325 W F St, San Diego, CA 92101

  • The Weinberger Courthouse in Downtown San Diego is a historic courthouse for bankruptcy court. It was completed in 1913, and since then has been solidified as a monumental piece of San Diego history. It also boasts a unique architectural style, melding Classic revival, and Spanish colonial style. It is now registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

    For these reasons, we were extremely excited when representatives at the Weinberger Courthouse contacted us about installing solar. We had done work for the government before but nothing of this scale. Since they didn't want to impede on their classical architecture, we proposed a large carport system that they opted for. We installed it in their parking, lot and it now powers their entire facility as well as provides shade for those going to the courthouse. We installed the huge 500 panel system, totaling at 155 DCkW, back in 2017. Now they are enjoying having no power bill, and are grateful for our expert installations services.

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