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  • We recently installed a 10.08 kW system, made up of 28 SunPower 360 Panels, in West Irvine.  The owner of the home is a 20 year Irvine-resident Software Engineer, and his wife is an astro-physicist and professor.  He had this to say about his installation:

    "We're just really excited to future-proof our electrical needs, as our kids grow up, for the next 25 years+ while also doing the right thing and reducing our carbon-related emissions. This PV-system is part of a multi-step green-home renovation, and the only one that truly pays for itself. It was also a decision to reward industries that reduce carbon-related emissions rather than going backwards in the political attempts to revive coal.

    I went with Stellar Solar to install this PV-system because they were the only installer out of many I've interviewed that could handle the technical design and specifications for the system I wanted installed. I even luckily ended up using 101% of the OCFA-allowed area on my most-efficient sun-facing south-west roof.
    It started with the industry's highest-efficiency panels via SunPower that Stellar carries (though not the unavailable 370w panels at the time). and a tilt-up angled mounting that optimized later-day solar-capture against SCE's TOU rates -- for as much as local permitting allowed. Stellar Solar was basically the only installer capable of doing this angled-mounting.
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  • I'd computed optimal angle and production numbers via NREL's System Advisor Model simulation software. I opt'd for the white-backed panels that keeps the panels cooler than the more popular all-black panels because cooler panels have higher efficiency which equates to more generation. I've projected energy production out for the warrantied 25+ years lifetime of the panels and the low ~0.34% annual production drop means I keep ~90% of my installed capacity, guaranteed. Truly future-proofed.

    I'm still impressed panel installation was smooth and speedily took only 3 days. Since installation, the roof has gone through a few extreme rain-storms and strong Santa Ana wind-storms with no issues. Local residents know we get gusts past 80 mph for the Santa Ana winds.
    Respect to the design and installation teams for such a strong and water-proof mounting -- such as installers Travis, Ken, Matt, install coordinator Jeff, and sales/project coordinator Connor.
    I did have issues with post-installation inspections with the upgraded power-panel and Internet connectivity with the SunPower monitoring system, but Connor personally helped to get them resolved.
    I've privately blogged every step of my installation to my friends on Facebook from the design phases to installation. My involvement ranged from building out 3D models of the installation via Window 10's 3D Builder, to borrowing a drone so I could take better pictures of the beautiful installation.

    Since installation, I've added on my own independent, electrical consumption monitoring system with the RainForest Automation Eagle-200, and Raspberry Pi 3-based logging system that uploads generation/consumption data to PVoutput. Combined, I get detailed, near real-time information about my system's performance to cross-check SCE's numbers, and also helps when I want to get involved with power-reduction events via OhmConnect."
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