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    Solar Installation Yorba Linda

    Yorba Linda is a beautiful area in North Orange County that is home to many large estates and amazing properties.  It's close to LA, the Orange County beaches, and many large companies in Orange County, so it's a great place to work, play, and live.  All those large properties,  with their high A/C bills and pools, means that Yorba Linda homeowners stand to save a ton of money on their power bills by switching to solar.  For this reason, Yorba Linda homeowners know the name "Stellar Solar" well. 

    Stellar Solar in Yorba Linda

    Yorba Linda homeowners were some of the early adopters of solar, as they are both fiscally and environmentally conscious in general.  Since the start around 20 years ago, Yorba Linda homeowners have been turning to Stellar Solar to install their solar panels.  That's part of the reason we have over 200+ positive reviews across the web, as the more solar we install, the more our name earns positive connotations across Southern California.  That's also why we've been voted the best solar company in San Diego 5 out of the last 7 years including in 2017.  We've earned the trust of San Diego and Yorba Linda homeowners, and we are here to stay.  

    SunPower Yorba Linda

    We recently became Orange County's first SunPower Master Dealer, specially selected by SunPower to be it's main Southern California distributor.  Master Dealers are selected through a stringent qualification and evaluation process of installation quality and customer service by SunPower.  We are ecstatic to receive this honor and are excited to combine our 20 years installing solar with SunPower 30 years of producing solar panels to create the ultimate solar product for homeowners. 

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