• A Solar Invitation from Deanne Zander

  • Deanne Zander in Escondido, CA went solar with Stellar Solar in 2020 and had a great experience - so much so that she wants to invite you to go solar with Stellar as well. Deanne had this to say about her experience with Stellar:

    "I have worked in the service industry for a long time and this is the type of customer service all companies should strive for.  When compiling my list of items that my HOA needed to approve the project Dave's response to all of it was:  "No Problem!"  That should be their company motto.  Everything was so seamless and easy. My HOA approved the project in 3 days and 2 days later the scheduler called and had me on their install schedule for the next week. The installation team was thorough and very professional. It took less than 1 month to get this whole project completed including the inspection.  What was great is that every step of the way I was contacted and emailed with what to expect next.  I never felt like I was just a number - I felt like I was their only customer and was always kept in the loop.  I would highly recommend Stellar Solar, Dave and his team."

    -Deanne Zander

    So if you'd like a solar quote for your home, fill out the form to the right and one of our Energy Consultants will reach out, and if you sign with us you will get a $500 discount for going solar through Deanne!

    Check out pictures and videos of Deanne's installation below.

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