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  • 5 Ways Solar Panels Degrade and How SunPower Resists Them

    Photovoltaic solar panel technology has come a long way since it's beginnings.  Innovations in technology by top solar manufacturers have made it so that panels are more powerful, durable, and reliable.  [...]

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    What Do I Do if My Solar Company Goes Out of Business?

    It's been an interesting few years on the "solar coaster.” A combination of government incentives and plummeting solar panel prices caused the biggest boom in solar installations of all time in California back in 2015 and in to 2016. [...]

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    Does Solar Add Value to Your Home?

    The benefits of adding a photovoltaic solar system to your home are innumerable, but one that you always hear is that it adds value to your home.  That should be obvious, as the systems are expensive and save tons of money, but the question of [...]

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