• Solar Panel Maintenance San Diego

    With San Diego being the largest solar market in the country, there are now thousands upon thousands of homes that have solar installed.  As the years have gone by and the industry has fluctuated, many solar companies have sprouted, and an equal, if not greater number have gone out of business.  This means that many solar customers who were installed by a company that went out of business are now left out in the cold to take care of their solar system.  That's where we come in.

  • Solar Panel Inspection Services

    Our solar panel inspection services include:

    • Inspection of Main interconnection breaker
    • Inspection of all connections between Main Service and inverter
    • Inspection of all connections between Solar panels and inverter
    • Cleaning of Inverter
    • Analysis of systems compliance with Current building and fire code
    • Replacement of all wire nuts with Heavy duty equivalent
    • Perform shading tests
    • Inspection of monitoring equipment
    • Report of findings and system performance


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