• Solar Battery Backup San Diego

    If you're looking to install solar battery backup in San Diego, Stellar Solar is here to help. Solar batteries have become very popular in 2021 for many reasons, including offsetting Time-Of-Use charges, as well as protecting homeowners from rolling blackouts that SDGE is now implementing during fire season. A solar battery can help out in both cases, not only saving you money but allowing you to keep the power on in times of need. We are now also a certified Tesla Powerwall installer, one of the first in San Diego. So if you're looking to install solar battery backup in San Diego, contact us today.

  • Get Your Free Battery Estimate

    For Service Inquiries, Please contact us at service@stellarsolar.net

  • Why Install Battery Storage?

  • Keep the Lights On

    Never lose power again, even during rolling blackouts by using your Tesla Powerwall to back up your home's power.

  • Offset TOU Charges

    Program your battery to store power you create during the day for use during expensive On-peak times so you can avoid paying high rates.

  • Add to your home value

    Much like solar, adding a battery can add a ton to your home's value. Make it even more attractive to potential buyers.

  • A Variety of Options

    Stellar Solar installs a variety of brands of batteries from the top manufacturers in the world.

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