• Electrify Your Life

  • The way we power our lives is changing quickly. Automakers are setting aggressive goals to electrify their car and truck fleets and pricing them within reach of the masses, Amazon and the US Postal Service are transitioning to electric delivery vehicles, and businesses of all sizes are covering their roofs with solar panels and battery storage. The combination of solar and battery storage is also enabling homeowners to take control of their energy production. Stellar Solar has everything home and business owners need to electrify their lives now, and be prepared for the future. 

  • Residential Solar

    With more people working from home and the increased power that demands, we offer a variety of solar panel solutions for every size home and budget. There has never been a better time to go solar with historically low financing and the 26% tax credit. 
  • Battery Storage

    Battery storage is becoming more affordable for homeowners who want to protect themselves from rolling blackouts and power their home through the night with energy stored from their solar panels. It's the logical next step for folks who are also thinking of transitioning to an electric vehicle. 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    The demand for EV charging and connectivity is skyrocketing as homeowners discover the cost savings of electric vehicles. When you are ready to make the move, we have the team in place to electrify your transportation. 
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