Electrify Your Life with Stellar Solar


The way we power our lives is changing quickly and Stellar Solar has everything homeowners need to electrify their lives now and to future proof their homes. We’ve been anticipating these changes for years and are now fully equipped to offer solutions that enable homeowners to benefit fully from the solar and battery storage combination. We were one of the first solar installers to offer batteries and have thousands of installations now providing emergency backup and functioning in a self-consumption capacity that enable you to run off your battery when rates are at their highest.

Roof & Ground Mount Solar

Stellar has installed over 15,000 residential roof and ground mount solar systems. Our experience in this area is matched by few in the industry. A testament to our workmanship and customer centric approach is the fact the majority of our new business comes from customer referrals. Happy homeowners referring their friends, neighbors and family. You can rest assured we offer the most efficient and attractive panels on the market.
solar and battery storage how long can it really power a home

Batteries for Emergency Backup, Storage & Self Consumption

Stellar has been installing batteries for over 10 years and we are considered among the best in the industry at providing the most effective solution for your home. Not only are batteries essential for emergency backup power, they are now an important part of a solar purchase, used for self-consumption to power your home when electric rates skyrocket. Our team of battery experts can present that scenario in detail.

Monitoring – Service – EV Charging

Again, Stellar offers best in class experience in these essential areas of home electrification. Monitoring to keep track of your systems performance and power consumption, service to promptly address any issues you might have, and EV charging to power your transportation.