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    Stellar Solar has always designed and installed best in class, highly efficient, and versatile solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems using equipment from the world’s leading solar manufacturers. We deliver customized solutions for all customer types to meet their energy needs with unparalleled customer service. 

    • High profile customers like the Salk Institute, Scripps Ranch High School, San Diego Cardiac Center, Loyola University, City of Anaheim, US Foods, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and Cedars-Sinai have trusted Stellar with their commercial solar installations ranging in size from 7kW to more than 1MW.
    • Over 20MW of commercial solar power installed
    • A dedicated team of commercial solar power specialists including project managers, engineers, electricians, and Stellar Solar employed installers
    • Finance, grant, tax credit and incentive specialists in-house
    • Installing commercial solar panels since 1998
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  • With 30% U.S. Tax Credit, Costs Have Never Been Lower

    With the lucrative solar tax credit, 30% of all solar energy system installation costs are subtracted directly from your federal income tax payments. Added tax savings from accelerated depreciation (another 25% cost reduction) produce an investment vehicle with a quick return on investment. Stellar Solar can also provide financing solutions through operating leases and power purchase agreements.

    Your Partnership with Stellar Solar

    At Stellar Solar, we have a customer centered approach and treat each client and project as an opportunity to deliver an individualized solution. We have a “listen first” philosophy and seek to understand and clarify our client’s desired outcomes at the beginning of solar projects.

    Services Provided By Our Team Include:

    Grants, Tax Credit and Incentive Program Experts

    This critical service is a significant Stellar Solar differentiator. Our team is up to speed on every possible federal, state, and local incentive to enable you to install a solar energy system for the least amount of upfront costs. We explain these options in an easy to understand format focused on your bottom line.

    Solar Opportunity Evaluation

    We start with a site survey to determine solar PV array layout, conduit routing, electrical interconnection, shading, wind and structural analysis. Based on the site assessment, an analysis of the energy costs and electrical consumption is performed. A financial and environmental benefits summary is also provided. Our thorough financial approach ensures the maximum benefit from all available programs and tax incentives.

    Solar Power Systems Design & Engineering

    Professional CAD drawing to illustrate panel and inverter selections along with system layouts; electrical three-line diagrams provide string and wire sizing, and detailed specifications for the inverters and the buildings interconnection. A structural analysis is also provided and these drawings are stamped by a professional engineer.

  • Permitting and Rebate Processing

    Our true turnkey services include management of all paperwork including federal and state cash incentives, utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, local building and electricity permits.

    Solar Energy System Installation

    Project management and planning with projected timelines and milestones met by professional, Stellar Solar crew members with minimal disruption to your daily business operations. Comprehensive regulatory compliance including all post solar installation inspections.

    Financing Solutions

    Trained project developers review and compare various financing options including capital purchase or bank loans, operating leases and power purchase agreements.

    Monitoring & Maintenance

    Ongoing system service including monitoring electricity output and performance. In addition to as-needed service over the system lifetime, Stellar Solar offers several programmed service level offerings to meet customer expectations and help you acheive long-term energy efficiency.

    Pre and Post Solar System Installation Marketing & Public Relations Support

    Guidance on how to promote your commercial solar installation with launch events, public relations support and visibility within your industry and community.

    Employee Purchase Programs

    You have led by example by going solar, now offer solar solutions to your employees or congregation with our discounted employee purchase plans. Stellar Solar will set them up and administer them. Put solar to work for your business or institution by scheduling a free solar evaluation today!

  • If your business or institution qualifies for solar but you don't necessarily have the roof space or won't to penetrate your roof, then a Solar Carport is likely for you.  Solar carports utilize parking lot space to mount hundreds of solar panels, which can produce a ton of power while also providing shade for your patrons vehicles.  They are a great option for Churches or Government buildings which often have unconventional roofs.

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