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Our work and customer service have earned us over 1,000+ 5-star reviews across different online review platforms.  Following are the different networks we are reviewed on, please check out these solar installer reviews for evidence that we are the best solar company in San Diego!

"I had high expectations having picked Stellar based on its reviews on Yelp as one of the companies I interviewed for installing Solar Panels. Those expectations were met throughout the process. I asked an untold number of questions wanting to know every single detail and they never acted bothered by that. Throughout the process they continued to give me a heads up on what to expect next. They made the process easy and now I have my solar panels and am enjoying watching them generate energy. They did a great job getting them installed and I have every confidence they will be there for me should any issues come up in the years ahead. I also did a bit of research on solar panels and like the fact solar panels manufactured by SunPower have been, and continue to be, the most respected panels in the industry. SunPower panels installed by Stellar Solar make for a perfect combination."
— Timothy S.
"I liked the sales representative Zac Dowell from the beginning. He isnt your typical sales guy and didnt pressure me in any way, shape or form. He gave me a very detailed/informative presentation at the beginning. Then he gave me all the time needed to make a decision (several weeks), encouraged me to do my research and was there for me whenever I had questions in between. He's incredible knowledgeable and most importantly, he listens. He understands your needs and addresses them and you wont hear from him the typical sales pitches you hear from other sales guys. I got quotes from 8 other companies and dealt with multiple sales reps. The multiple interactions with Zac were the best customer experience.

The entire process with Stellar was very pleasant, fast, and without problems. The installer crew, the sales rep Zac Dowell, the service team, the project coordinator/planner Jeff Warren were all top notch! I would do business with Stellar again in a heartbeat and I will make sure to refer this awesome and local company as much as I can and whenever I can! They exceeded all my expectations and I couldn't be happier working with Stellar Solar!"
— Markus L.
"We brought Stellar Solar back to expand our system to cover our electrification efforts - EVs, heat pump water heater, and electric dryer and induction range (coming soon). Great pricing, easy to work with. Glad we had another opportunity to work with them!"
— Tom A.
"Purchased a 21panel SunPower system last July, 2019. Over the past year, including the install, l have had positive interactions with my sales associate, Tom Woods, service technician, David Bellamy and Service Manager Jose Leon. Even during this COVID-19 event, whenever l have had questions or concerns regarding my systems production and operation, Jose Leon has made himself available for answers. I would like to thank all employees at Stellar Solar who have assisted me over this past year and l look forward to an outstanding working relationship in future!"
— John B.
"We had great sales service and education from Marc Cirelli with SunPower. My co-worker went through them years ago...and about 5 of her neighbors did, too...and the customer service referral from their long history is what sold us. We did get a few other quotes, but all were pretty close. There was no hard sell, in fact, it was almost a year since our first contact with Marc to when we decided to move forward. He was informative and low-pressure. It was funny because on our install day, that went super smoothly, our neighbors across the street were getting solar installed with Baker...the Baker team was 3 trucks, a porta-potty...took 4 days and seemed like 20 guys...(though we learned later they had a total panel install and they guy fell through their was a mess!)...we had a solid team of about 5-ish and all extremely nice and they wore masks and were super great! Well, we had a smooth install, inspection with the City went well, and connection with SDG&E was easy...we even got set up weeks before our neighbor because they had an installation nightmare and then paperwork miscommunication that delayed it all. Needless to say, I feel confident about using SunPower and working with Marc Cirelli was fantastic. Personable, informative, responsive (SUPER QUICK!)....and I love the app on my phone to track our energy generation!!"
— Mary-Allegra F.
"I have to tell everyone. I was very nervous about going solar because of terrible reviews of solar companies that I have read while I was doing my research. But I had no choice but to explore this option after receiving a $650 first electricity bill in my new house (without using the AC because it was winter). I did my research and called 8 different companies including another sunpower company, sunrun and vivint, just to name a few. After a vast research I decided to install the sunpower panels because of their high performance and durability. The first contacted and they were my 7th company. I liked their product and performance much better than the first 6 companies I had called, so I decided to sign the contract with them. After I signed the contract, I found something on it that did not reflect what the representative promised me. Since I was already so nervous, I had to cancel the contract because I could not trust the company anymore. Then, I found the Sunpower by Stellar. From the moment I met Erin (via zoom), I could feel she was a trustworthy person. Everything she said during the presentation was reflected on the contract. Also, she was soooo patient with me! I would text her a million times to confirm every little thing but she was always there, responded me promptly, and always with patience and pleasure! Today, we turned on the system and it is running smoothly! The crew who installed the panels were also professional! I am very satisfied!"
— Joyce C.
"There's a reason SunPower by Stellar Solar is one of the oldest, best-reviewed, and well regarded solar energy companies in the region. Actually, there're a lot of reasons. They don't make promises they can't keep, are completely committed to your satisfaction at every stage of the process, and each person you deal with brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the process. Naturally we were apprehensive. It's a big expense, and we were paying cash. We calculated that our system would pay for itself in about seven years, but still, it's a big nut up front. (Of course there's a financing option, but we didn't want the extra cost in interest.) Our first point of contact was sales guy Marc Cirelli. He was knowledgable and easy to work with. He designed a system for us from Google Earth photos of our house and year's worth of SDG&E bills. Then another guy came to the house to eyeball the situation and put the finishing touches on the design. Then the install team -- six guys -- showed up and in a day and a half had it up and running.

With each phase of the process we were met with timely, professional, nice, and hard-working people. A great team. A few more stages after that, inspections and the like, and boom -- we were selling electricity to SDG&E. Let me tell you, that is a very good feeling. Give Marc at Stellar Solar a call. Let him work up an estimate for you. You'll wonder why you waited so long."
— Peter B.
"I am a picky, former engineer, so I did a lot of research before choosing a solar company. I spoke with several solar companies and found that the most knowledgeable by far was Stellar Solar. Connor, the sales rep was very thorough in presenting and explaining everything from design to permitting and installation. It probably helps that he used to do installations for Stellar but he was head and shoulders above other solar sales folks. We had a tight timeline and they met every date without issue. The installation was done neatly and they didn't leave a mess of any kind. I had some follow-up questions and they were very responsive. I can recommend SunPower By Stellar Solar with the highest marks possible."
— Karl R.
"From the initial call from me looking for a quote to the finished product in working order I couldn't have asked for more. Kenny Rutherford was extremely responsive, Jeff Warren (Project Manager) was on top of it throughout the installation. The installers were professional, courteous and cleaned up after themselves every day. Couldn't have asked for a better experience and now I'm generating my own electricity and banking some for the future and credits with SDG&E. Highly recommend this team and Stellar Solar. A side note - I had my roof redone prior to installing solar and Stellar had worked with the roofing company (TWM Roofing) on prior jobs and kept in touch with them so they could install as soon as the lift&lay was complete - great teamwork."
— Cheryl P.
"We recently purchased solar for our home from Stellar. They did a fantastic job from the beginning. Marc, our sales rep, was very helpful in determining what size system we needed and what best fit our needs. We had multiple quotes and decided to go with Stellar because of their great reviews, good product, and good warranty. We were not looking for the cheapest option on the market but rather a solid company that had been around for years that would provide us a good product with excellent customer service. Once we signed the contract, the whole process was very smooth and took less than a month to become fully operational! I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, speed, and consistency. Stellar Solar did a great job and I would recommend them to others."
— C.R.
"It has been more than a month since Stellar Solar installed SunPower solar panels on my roof. The workers were very efficient. The worker who worked on the wall panel made a mistake; as a result, the reading on my phone was not consistent. Eventually, Stellar Solar sent another electrician to get the problem fixed. I have to especially compliment Erin Presley, my salesperson. She was very patient and gave me much professional support along the way, such as how many panels I really need based on my usage and expansion potential. The usage after more than a month shows that the Erin's estimate is very close to the actual usage. Overall, I am happy with Stellar Solar's work."
— Edgar H.
"We needed a fix because our Envoy wasn't reporting and it turned out that our breaker had failed. Andy from Stellar showed up on time, he methodically diagnosed the issue and was able to get system back producing and reporting within an hour. All done COVID safe manner. Stellar Solar installed a 4Kw system on our other home in 2015. The yearly savings has nearly paid for the installation cost -- and now we plug in our EV to get charged by the sun, You guys made our roof a cash machine! Thanks again."
— Peter M.
"Going solar with Stellar has been the best home upgrade choice we have made. We absolutely love it and after Connor Smith's presentation, it was a no brainer. The whole staff were excellent and kept us updated through the whole process. Great customer service! Have referred 2 friends who had Stellar install theirs as well."
— Patrick P.
"Zac helped me to install a 4kW system, and it has been working flawlessly. The best part was how smooth the whole process was, it only took about 3 weeks from start to receive permission from SDGE to operate. Zac helped every step of the way, everything was done right the first time and on time. I am definitely recommending Sunpower by Stellar to all my friends."
— H.M.

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