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  • A Plea to the Solar Customer

    Contract cancellations are an indicator that a company is not doing well, or at least that it did not live up to the expectations of the contract.  That's why it's a bit concerning that solar installation super giants SolarCity and SunRun are [...]

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    San Diego to Deploy First Floating Solar Panels in Socal

    Solar isn't just for rooftops or ground mounts anymore.  In San Diego County, an area known for its wide adaption of renewable energy, county officials are proposing installing solar on top of a resevoir.  How is this possible?  The [...]

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    American Made Solar Panels

    Many people looking at getting solar want to make sure that the panels they install are made by an American company.  We understand this desire, which is why we decided to find out which solar companies are based America.  They are:SunPower[...]

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