Incentives for Going Solar in Riverside County

Riverside is one of the best regions of southern California to go solar. Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) has high electric rates which is yet another reason to go solar. There are a host of incentives available on a local, state, and federal level that are waiting to be utilized.  Riverside’s local government website has a […]

Battery Incentives in Southern California Edison 2021

You’ve probably noticed that your electricity bill has risen, right? Southern California Edison (SCE) planned a 14.4% rate increase for residential customers in 2021. It’s quite a large rate increase for one year!  Utilities in California are facing rising costs due to wildfire mitigation, transmission development, and rising temperatures that California utilities must deal with […]

Southern California Edison (SCE) Electric Vehicle Incentives and Rebates in 2021

Have you heard that the electric vehicle (EV) revolution is coming? Consumers now view electric cars such as Tesla as the new status symbol. The Biden administration is planning to replace the entire US government fleet of cars with electric vehicles. In California, Governor Newsom is planning to ban sales of gasoline vehicles by 2035.  As […]

How much can you save with an electric car powered by solar

 It’s no mystery that electric vehicles (ev) are starting to catch on internationally.  Tesla’s and BMW i3’s are all over the road here in California, and the numbers support that observation.  In the first quarter of 2017, fully electric car sales were up 134% year over year, with sales of of the Tesla Model S up 225% and the […]