Solar Inspection in San Diego and Orange County

Are you looking for solar panel system inspection services in San Diego County or Orange County?  Stellar Solar has been offering trusted 3rd party PV check-up services in southern California since 1998! We offer quality inspections of your solar energy system, including the panels, inverters and wiring. We are proud to offer the most robust […]

Removal & Re-Installation of Solar Panels: Available in San Diego and Orange County!

solar panel removal and reinstallation san diego

Whether due to necessary roof work or unforeseen circumstances like your original solar provider going out of business, the need to remove and reinstall solar panels can happen! But if you’re a solar owner in San Diego County or Orange County – don’t worry. At Stellar Solar, we can help.  We are southern California’s oldest […]

Solar Panel Service in San Diego and Orange County

solar panel service san diego

At Stellar Solar, we are pioneering a sustainable future with our solar panel installation in both San Diego County and Orange County. We’ve been in the business since 1998 and have established ourselves as the leading solar company in southern California.  While we have completed an impressive roster of residential and commercial solar installations across […]

Solar and Home Battery: How Long Can They Really Power a Home?

solar and battery storage how long can it really power a home

You probably heard how recent winter storms left around millions of Texans without electricity. Many people were left without power for multiple days – and this was for the 2nd time in three years! The US is experiencing an increasing number of power outages that are becoming more frequent and longer-lasting due to extreme weather […]