California Utility Companies Are Greedy: This is How You Can Fight Back

Utility bills keep rising and Californians are getting tired of getting taken advantage of. While utility companies blame solar customers for escalating costs, a deeper dive into the issue reveals a starkly different reality: unchecked utility spending and massive profits. 

For years, utility spending has spiraled out of control. Did you know that utility spending has increased 500% since 1998, long before rooftop solar gained mainstream traction. Unchecked expenditure, coupled with deregulation laws passed in 1998, has created a system where utilities profit from spending rate payer money on projects like transmission lines, with little to no oversight from regulators. 

The result has been a cycle of ever-increasing spending and profits, with utility shareholders reaping the rewards at the expense of ratepayers. But Californians are waking and starting to fight back. Utility bills are climbing higher, and they’re fed up. That’s why millions are turning to solar as a way to lower their energy bills. 

Solar isn’t just a trend amongst the affluent: 60% of solar adopters are working and middle-class individuals, with over half hailing from communities of color. Inland regions such as the Central Valley are embracing solar at high rates, proving that the solar revolution is truly for everyone in California.

Solar in California: Good for the Grid

Despite the benefits of solar power, utilities continue to blame solar customers for their own mismanagement. The reality is that every energy-efficient solar home represents a threat to utility profits, as solar users buy less electricity and reduce the need for costly grid expansions. 

Ironically, the shift towards solar and energy efficiency has had a tangible impact on the state’s energy landscape. Over the past decade, as more Californians have gone solar and invested in energy efficiency measures, demand for electricity has decreased. This means that solar has saved ratepayers billions of dollars in transmission costs alone.

Solar installations save rate payers an additional $3 billion every year in avoided generation costs, highlighting the immense potential of solar power to transform California’s energy economy. With over two million solar roofs and 100,000 batteries installed across the state, the momentum towards a cleaner, more sustainable future is undeniable. 

Solar in San Diego: The Best Solution

But this is just the beginning. To truly meet California’s climate goals and rein in utility spending, we need to double down on our efforts to expand rooftop solar, invest in conservation and efficiency measures, and promote clean energy solutions like solar and battery systems.

At Stellar Solar, we’re proud to be at the forefront of California’s solar revolution. With a track record of excellence since 1998, we’re committed to empowering homeowners to take control of their energy future. From rooftop and ground-mounted solar arrays to cutting-edge battery storage systems, we offer a range of solutions to suit every homeowner’s needs. And with our commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence, we can guide you every step of the way.

Solar Batteries in San Diego

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to electrify your life. As pioneers in the industry, we’ve anticipated the evolving energy landscape for years, positioning ourselves as leaders in integrating solar and battery storage systems. Our early adoption of battery technology has empowered thousands of homeowners with emergency backup capabilities and self-consumption options, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during peak rate periods.

We have many options such as Tesla PowerWall and Enphase batteries. Each can help offset Time-Of-Use charges through self consumption, and protect you from rolling blackouts that utilities such as SDGE are implementing year round! Solar batteries can save you money and allow you to keep the power on blackouts, or when electricity is the most expensive during peak times. If you want solar battery backup in San Diego for an existing solar system or alongside your new solar system, we can help!

Our dedicated team of battery experts will guide you through every step, ensuring your home remains powered even during the highest electricity rate periods. Additionally, we offer best-in-class monitoring, service, and EV charging solutions, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience in home electrification.

Stellar Solar: Best in Class

The majority of our new business stems from satisfied customer referrals, a testament to our unparalleled workmanship and customer-centric approach. Rest assured, we offer the most efficient and attractive panels on the market, tailored to meet your energy needs and preferences. 

We also design & install best-in-class, supremely efficient, and versatile solar photovoltaic (PV) commercial solar systems across the United States. Our customers have includedthe Salk Institute, San Diego Cardiac Center, Loyola University, City of Anaheim, US Foods, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and many more.

Join us in embracing the power of solar and building a brighter, cleaner future for California and beyond. Contact Stellar Solar today at 866.787.6527 or email to learn more about how you can go solar with us. Let’s create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all Californians.