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  • How to Stop Solar Telemarketing Calls

    If you're a homeowner, you've likely been bombarded with telemarketing calls in the last year trying to sell you solar.  We know, it's extremely frustrating.  Sometimes, it's the solar company themselves, other times it's outside sales [...]

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    5 Things To Look For in a Solar Warranty

    The secret about solar warranties: they're almost as important as the panels.  If you're looking to maximize your return on your solar investment, you'll want to choose the longest and most comprehensive warranty, on all elements of the system, [...]

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    What is the Useful Life of a Solar Panel?

    Like any investment in home improvement, homeowners looking to purchase solar panels care about longevity, as they should.  After all, solar panels are electric, so like any appliance that runs off electricity, it is optimally functional for a [...]

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