Dave Gersz, Sales Manager


Dave Gersz is one of the most experienced solar salespeople in the industry.  He has helped over 1,200 customers through the process of installing  their solar panels and batteries for over 13 years, all that time with Stellar Solar.  His ability to size a system based on the customer’s energy needs and provide financing solutions is unmatched.  He started the local San Diego chapter of CALSSA and is a frequent speaker on all subjects related to solar, energy and storage solutions.  Prior to Stellar Solar, Dave worked in the mortgage and lending industries for Wells Fargo and Lehman Brothers.  He attributes his financing expertise to his degree in Finance from Ohio State University.

Outside of work, Dave likes to spend time with his wife Angela and 2 boys, Theo and Benjy.  Dave plays a lot of beach volleyball and obsesses over THE Ohio State Buckeyes football team.