Erin Presley, Energy Consultant


Being one of the few women in solar has never stopped Erin!  She strives to be one of the best energy consultants in the industry.  With six years of experience as a  solar energy consultant, Erin takes an educational, no-pressure approach with homeowners looking to go solar. Many of those customers have made note of her approach through very complimentary reviews on Yelp. Besides saving homeowners money, she takes personal satisfaction in the environmental benefits of solar. 

She began her solar career with Tesla so she is well versed in electric vehicles, solar and battery storage and how they all work together to help homeowners electrify their lives. 

Outside of solar, Erin loves to run, hike, and hang out at the beach. She also enjoys time in the kitchen cooking up healthy food as she has been vegan for 5 years now.  She is always whipping up an inspiring dish to share.