San Rafael Parish Solar

Solar Installation San Rafael Parish
Much like many other churches in the area, San Rafael Parish had a huge power bill that was hard to support with the donations and patronage they were receiving from their congregation. They did their research and found us through our high volume of amazing reviews on the internet, and contacted us to get a quote. We were happy to help them as we had already installed on many churches before.

San Rafael had a huge campus, made up of two buildings and several apartments. We were able to install the solar across three separate buildings, one large part of the system on one, and then smaller systems on the apartments. Altogether we were able to fit 400 panels in the space given, coming in at 127.58kW. This is enough to mostly or completely eliminate their power bills, which get very high in the Summer from A/C usage. Now they can use those funds for more important things and don’t have to worry about blasting their A/C.

  • Number of Modules: 400
  • DC System Size (kW): 127.58 kW
  • Install year: 2016
  • Physical Address: 17252 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92128
  • Monitoring: SolarEdge

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