St. Mark’s Catholic Church

Solar Installation St. Marks Catholic Church
Churches in San Diego have been waking up to the immense benefits that solar can present. Many churches which rely on donations and patronage from churchgoers already are strapped for cash, so something like solar, which can save them a ton of money on their A/C bills, just makes sense. That’s why St. Mark’s reached out to us, to save money so they can spend on better things.

We were very honored to be able to install this huge 438-panel system, spanning across their huge parking lot in the form of a solar carport, and coming at 157.68 kW in size. Being that this church is located in North County near our offices in San Marcos, we were even more excited to be able to help out one of our neighbors. The carports also provide ample shade for their patrons in a parking lot that was previously exposed to the elements. Now the church mostly or fully eliminates their power bills with this giant system, and are able to save more of the money their patrons graciously give them.

  • Number of Modules: 438
  • DC System Size (kW): 157.68 kW
  • Install year: 2016
  • Physical Address: 1147 Discovery St, San Marcos, CA 92078

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