• SunPower Invisimount Mounting System

    SunPower® InvisiMount™ is a SunPower-designed rail-based mounting system. The InvisiMount system addresses residential sloped roofs and combines faster installation time, design flexibility, and superior aesthetics. The InvisiMount product was specifically envisioned and engineered to pair with SunPower modules. The resulting system-level approach amplifies the aesthetic and installation benefits—for homeowners and for installers.

  • SunPower Invisimount System

    Simple and Fast Installation

    • Integrated module-to-rail grounding
    • Pre-assembled mid and end clamps
    • Levitating mid clamp for easy placement
    • Mid clamp width facilitates consistent, even module spacing
    • UL 2703 Listed integrated grounding

    Flexible Design

    • Addresses nearly all sloped residential roofs
    • Design in landscape and portrait with up to 8ʼ rail span
    • Pre-drilled rails and rail splice
    • Rails enable easy obstacle management

    Customer-Preferred Aesthetics

    • #1 module and #1 mounting aesthetics
    • Best-in-class system aesthetics
    • Premium, low-profile design
    • Black anodized components
    • Hidden mid clamps and new capped, flush end clamps

    Part of a Superior System

    • Built for use with SunPower DC and AC modules
    • Best-in-class system reliability and aesthetics
    • New optional rooftop transition flashing, rail- mounted J-box, and wire management rail clips
    • Combine with SunPower modules and SunPower EnergyLink® monitoring app