Kenny Rutherford, Energy Consultant


Kenny Rutherford has an amazing ability to educate his customers on the differences of the solar equipment, how it all works with the utility,  and really show them the value of great customer service.  Kenny started working at a young age and has always had a focus on customer service and being the person to go to for help whether it be a friend,  coworker, or customer.  He has turned all of this education and experience in the service industry, helping run the family business delivering the Cincinnati Enquirer in Ohio, and putting himself through college at The Ohio State University as a valet,  into a very successful career helping solar customers for almost a decade here at Stellar Solar.  

When it is time to have some fun,  Kenny enjoys spending time with his wife, Ursula and daughter,  Cora.  Their favorite thing to do is travel abroad and immerse themselves into a new culture and take advantage of all of the amazing sights, foods, and entertainment these far off destinations have to offer!