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    The aspect of our business that we take the most pride in here at Stellar is our awesome reputation.  Our work and customer service have earned us over 300+ 5-star reviews across different online review platforms.  Following are the different networks we are reviewed on, please check out these solar installer reviews for evidence that we are the best solar company in San Diego!

I had high expectations having picked Stellar based on its reviews on Yelp as one of the companies I interviewed for installing Solar Panels. Those expectations were met throughout the process.

I asked an untold number of questions wanting to know every single detail and they never acted bothered by that. Throughout the process they continued to give me a heads up on what to expect next.

They made the process easy and now I have my solar panels and am enjoying watching them generate energy. They did a great job getting them installed and I have every confidence they will be there for me should any issues come up in the years ahead.

I also did a bit of research on solar panels and like the fact solar panels manufactured by SunPower have been, and continue to be, the most respected panels in the industry. SunPower panels installed by Stellar Solar make for a perfect combination.

Timothy S., Yelp – 10/17/2020

We brought Stellar Solar back to expand our system to cover our electrification efforts – EVs, heat pump water heater, and electric dryer and induction range (coming soon). Great pricing, easy to work with. Glad we had another opportunity to work with them!

Tom A., Yelp – 10/15/2020

Recently completed a custom remodel and wanted the solar wiring/panels integrated into the new roof and electrical panel.

Before remodeling my coworker referred me to Stellar Solar Energy Consultant Marc Cirelli. Marc surveyed the roof, sized the Solar System and did a great job explaining my options and installation process.

Stellar Solar’s contract agreement was straight forward and contained no hidden costs or surprises.

Throughout the remodel process Marc was readily available to help answer questions. When the framing and electrical panel were ready, Marc had a team of experts ready to perform scheduling, installation and permitting/inspection.

Jeff Warren (Project Coordinator), Ismael Vallejo (Construction Manager) and Seth Rockwell (Inspections Manager) and their staff were courteous, never late and very knowledgeable.

The finished Solar System looks great and is exactly as planned.

Marc Cirelli has been providing great customer service too. Marc and others at Stellar Solar helped me navigate the very confusing electrical rate choices and also helped me get my Solar Monitoring unit configured for my WiFi router.

I have been very happy with the service from Marc Cirelli and Stellar Solar.

David M., Yelp – 9/29/2020

I liked the sales representative Zac Dowell from the beginning. He isnt your typical sales guy and didnt pressure me in any way, shape or form. He gave me a very detailed/informative presentation at the beginning. Then he gave me all the time needed to make a decision (several weeks), encouraged me to do my research and was there for me whenever I had questions in between. He’s incredible knowledgeable and most importantly, he listens. He understands your needs and addresses them and you wont hear from him the typical sales pitches you hear from other sales guys. I got quotes from 8 other companies and dealt with multiple sales reps. The multiple interactions with Zac were the best customer experience.
The entire process with Stellar was very pleasant, fast, and without problems. The installer crew, the sales rep Zac Dowell, the service team, the project coordinator/planner Jeff Warren were all top notch! I would do business with Stellar again in a heartbeat and I will make sure to refer this awesome and local company as much as I can and whenever I can! They exceeded all my expectations and I couldn’t be happier working with Stellar Solar!

Markus L., Yelp – 10/15/2020

We had great sales service and education from Marc Cirelli with SunPower. My co-worker went through them years ago…and about 5 of her neighbors did, too…and the customer service referral from their long history is what sold us. We did get a few other quotes, but all were pretty close. There was no hard sell, in fact, it was almost a year since our first contact with Marc to when we decided to move forward. He was informative and low-pressure. It was funny because on our install day, that went super smoothly, our neighbors across the street were getting solar installed with Baker…the Baker team was 3 trucks, a porta-potty…took 4 days and seemed like 20 guys…(though we learned later they had a total panel install and they guy fell through their ceiling…it was a mess!)…we had a solid team of about 5-ish and all extremely nice and they wore masks and were super great! Well, we had a smooth install, inspection with the City went well, and connection with SDG&E was easy…we even got set up weeks before our neighbor because they had an installation nightmare and then paperwork miscommunication that delayed it all. Needless to say, I feel confident about using SunPower and working with Marc Cirelli was fantastic. Personable, informative, responsive (SUPER QUICK!)….and I love the app on my phone to track our energy generation!!

Mary-Allegra F., Yelp – 9/19/2020

Purchased a 21panel SunPower system last July, 2019. Over the past year, including the install, l have had positive interactions with my sales associate, Tom Woods, service technician, David Bellamy and Service Manager Jose Leon. Even during this COVID-19 event, whenever l have had questions or concerns regarding my systems production and operation, Jose Leon has made himself available for answers. I would like to thank all employees at Stellar Solar who have assisted me over this past year and l look forward to an outstanding working relationship in future!

John B., Yelp – 8/21/2020

Erin was amazing! Always available for questions and incredibly patient with us. She explained things in a way that was accessible and helped us make the right decision for our family! She was kind and knowledgeable–overall just a great experience! We feel confident in the product and the company thanks to her!

Diane N., Yelp – 5/13/2020

AbcI have to tell everyone. I was very nervous about going solar because of terrible reviews of solar companies that I have read while I was doing my research. But I had no choice but to explore this option after receiving a $650 first electricity bill in my new house (without using the AC because it was winter). I did my research and called 8 different companies including another sunpower company, sunrun and vivint, just to name a few. After a vast research I decided to install the sunpower panels because of their high performance and durability. The first contacted go.sunpower.com and they were my 7th company. I liked their product and performance much better than the first 6 companies I had called, so I decided to sign the contract with them. After I signed the contract, I found something on it that did not reflect what the representative promised me on the day of her presentation. Since I was already so nervous, I had to cancel the contract because I could not trust the company anymore. Then, I found the Sunpower by Stellar. From the moment I met Erin (via zoom), I could feel she was a trustworthy person. Everything she said during the presentation was reflected on the contract. Also, she was soooo patient with me! I would text her a million times to confirm every little thing but she was always there, responded me promptly, and always with patience and pleasure! I am so glad I met Erin. Today, we turned on the system and it is running smoothly! The crew who installed the panels were also professional! I am very satisfied with the service that I received and about the company. Thank you all!

Joyce C., Yelp – 8/7/2020

We met with 3 companies and learned a lot about solar during the process. I had a very basic understanding of the mechanics of solar power systems and cost, but then I met Kenny Rutherford. Kenny was the most prepared & knowledgeable for our appointment. The other guys asked for a copy of my bill too, but Kenny was the only one to look at my bill prior to our appointment and put a digital sketch together using the best angle on our roof for productive sunshine to meet and slightly exceed our energy needs. The first thing the “other guys” asked me when they came to my home was for another copy of my bill (because they didn’t bother to look at what I sent them). I feel like those appointments were a waste of time.

The way Kenny described how the system worked answered all of my questions. He was not pushy and very thorough and I could tell he really cares about his work and the customer experience overall. It was also nice to know that the company has been around for about 20 years so they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

To put it in other words, when I hear complete strangers talking about solar I give them Kenny’s number because I feel like anybody that is considering solar needs to talk to him for an honest assessment.

Stellar Solar is the real deal and they are true professionals. They will take great care of you from start to finish. They even helped me select the right billing set up specific to our needs. Plus, they have the best product out there with Sun Power panels. At the end of the day, solar costs the same at most companies. With less efficient panels you need to purchase more of them. The more efficient panels cost more per panel, but you don’t need to buy as many. Go with the best service provider and installer – Stellar Solar.

Here are the words that come to mind when I think about working with Kenny and Stellar Solar: Professional, patient, extremely knowledgeable, went out of his way to get the right system, fantastic install, friendly crew that didn’t smoke, courteous, clean work space, safe. I knew that I was in good hands and could trust them and take their lead as they advised me through the process.

Peter C., Yelp – 5/2/2020

Erin Presley and the staff has done a great job helping us from start to finish for our solar installation project! They keep communication open and always be prompt! I would recommend Stella with great service and value!!

Jane H., Yelp – 6/29/2020

This is the Solar Experience You’ve Been Searching For

There’s a reason SunPower by Stellar Solar is one of the oldest, best-reviewed, and well regarded solar energy companies in the region. Actually, there’re a lot of reasons. They don’t make promises they can’t keep, are completely committed to your satisfaction at every stage of the process, and each person you deal with brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the process. Naturally we were apprehensive. It’s a big expense, and we were paying cash. We calculated that our system would pay for itself in about seven years, but still, it’s a big nut up front. (Of course there’s a financing option, but we didn’t want the extra cost in interest.) Our first point of contact was sales guy Marc Cirelli. He was knowledgable and easy to work with. He designed a system for us from Google Earth photos of our house and year’s worth of SDG&E bills. Then another guy came to the house to eyeball the situation and put the finishing touches on the design. Then the install team — six guys — showed up and in a day and a half had it up and running. With each phase of the process we were met with timely, professional, nice, and hard-working people. A great team. A few more stages after that, inspections and the like, and boom — we were selling electricity to SDG&E. Let me tell you, that is a very good feeling. Give Marc at Stellar Solar a call. Let him work up an estimate for you. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Peter B., Yelp – 1/8/2020

Thanks to the great folks like Hector, Jeff Warren and Marc Cirelli by making the approval process easy and the install super smooth.

Jason R., Yelp – 7/22/2020

My Wife and I have been thinking about going green and getting solar. We interviewed a bunch of companies and they all recommended and suggested different brand panels. We had quotes for LG, Panasonic, SunPower, and etc… We did some research and landed on our three top choices which were LG, Panasonic, and SunPower because of quality and the warranties. Then we narrowed it down to LG and SunPower. SunPower was through Steller Solar and our consultant was Erin. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. The LG panel was through a different company. Both were neck to neck and we felt we couldn’t go wrong with either company and brand. However Stellar Solar won the bid because of Erin’s presentation. I was very impressed by her power point presentation and convinced that it was worth paying the extra for a premium product. Love how everything was warranty through one company which made it simple. After pulling the trigger we thought it would take a few months to get the system installed and going because of the stories I’ve heard and the pandemic going on. Instead Erin was on top of things which made the process smooth and quick. Our system was installed and producing power within a month! Just in time for the hot summer months! Thank you Erin and Stellar Solar we are definitely glad we went Solar.

Brian H., Yelp – 6/29/2020

The entire process was quick, efficient, clean and effective. Everyone was very pleasant and we realized savings immediately. Connor Smith, our Solar Energy Consultant, was great. All promises kept and they beat their scheduling and installation goal.

Peggy M., 7/7/2020

I am a picky, former engineer, so I did a lot of research before choosing a solar company. I spoke with several solar companies and found that the most knowledgeable by far was Stellar Solar. Connor, the sales rep was very thorough in presenting and explaining everything from design to permitting and installation. It probably helps that he used to do installations for Stellar but he was head and shoulders above other solar sales folks. We had a tight timeline and they met every date without issue. The installation was done neatly and they didn’t leave a mess of any kind. I had some follow-up questions and they were very responsive. I can recommend SunPower By Stellar Solar with the highest marks possible.

Karl R., Yelp – 6/28/2020

From the initial call from me looking for a quote to the finished product in working order I couldn’t have asked for more. Kenny Rutherford was extremely responsive, Jeff Warren (Project Manager) was on top of it throughout the installation. The installers were professional, courteous and cleaned up after themselves every day. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and now I’m generating my own electricity and banking some for the future and credits with SDG&E. Highly recommend this team and Stellar Solar. A side note – I had my roof redone prior to installing solar and Stellar had worked with the roofing company (TWM Roofing) on prior jobs and kept in touch with them so they could install as soon as the lift&lay was complete – great teamwork.

Cheryl P., Yelp – 7/9/2020

We recently purchased solar for our home from Stellar. They did a fantastic job from the beginning. Marc, our sales rep, was very helpful in determining what size system we needed and what best fit our needs. We had multiple quotes and decided to go with Stellar because of their great reviews, good product, and good warranty. We were not looking for the cheapest option on the market but rather a solid company that had been around for years that would provide us a good product with excellent customer service. Once we signed the contract, the whole process was very smooth and took less than a month to become fully operational! I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, speed, and consistency. Stellar Solar did a great job and I would recommend them to others.

C.R. Yelp, 6/17/2020

We’re so thrilled with the entire process. Kenny Rutherford was helpful, informative, and lower pressure. The installation team was professional and made everything so simple & convenient. Best of all the pricing was worth it and the system is performing even better than expected. I only wish I’d done it earlier.

Travis G., 6/26/2020

It has been more than a month since Stellar Solar installed SunPower solar panels on my roof. The workers were very efficient. The worker who worked on the wall panel made a mistake; as a result, the reading on my phone was not consistent. Eventually, Stellar Solar sent another electrician to get the problem fixed. I have to especially compliment Erin Presley, my salesperson. She was very patient and gave me much professional support along the way, such as how many panels I really need based on my usage and expansion potential. The usage after more than a month shows that the Erin’s estimate is very close to the actual usage. Overall, I am happy with Stellar Solar’s work.

Edgar H. Yelp, 6/26/2020

Thanks to the great folks like Hector, Jeff Warren and Marc Cirelli by making the approval process easy and the install super smooth.

Jason R., Yelp 7/22/2020

We needed a fix because our Envoy wasn’t reporting and it turned out that our breaker had failed. Andy from Stellar showed up on time, he methodically diagnosed the issue and was able to get system back producing and reporting within an hour. All done COVID safe manner. Stellar Solar installed a 4Kw system on our other home in 2015. The yearly savings has nearly paid for the installation cost — and now we plug in our EV to get charged by the sun, You guys made our roof a cash machine! Thanks again.


Peter M., Yelp – 7/30/2020

What an incredible experience. It started with our sales manager, Dave Gersz, recommended to us by friends. He was so helpful, patient, informative, CLEAR (the tax stuff got a little confusing and deciding how many panels), and not pushy at all.
Our project coordinator, Jeff Warren, kept us well informed on the project, status, next steps throughout which was encouraging, and proactively answered our questions.
The install team, led by Mario, was very efficient and friendly, and mindful of social distancing amidst all the COVID-19 cautions.
The team went above and beyond and followed through the whole process down to selecting our SDG&E time of use plan.
We would 100% recommend this company and this team to anyone interested in going solar
Thank you!!!

Chris C., Yelp 4/18/2020

Going solar with Stellar has been the best home upgrade choice we have made. We absolutely love it and after Connor Smith’s presentation, it was a no brainer. The whole staff were excellent and kept us updated through the whole process. Great customer service! Have referred 2 friends who had Stellar install theirs as well

Patrick P., Yelp – 12/4/2019

We used SunPower by Stellar Solar for our solar last year. We are so happy we chose them for our solar needs! We got a few bids, but we were sold on our Sales Rep Marc Cirelli. He is the reason we went with Sunpower by Stellar Solar. I felt like he was very professional, and helpful in helping us to understand what solar was and how it would save us money. It was the best decision we have made. It’s so nice to only have to pay for Gas which only runs us $30-$50 and so glad to be out from under the never ending price increases from SDG&E. I highly recommend them and you will be very happy with their service!

Joanna H., Yelp – 12/2/2019

After we’d talked to a couple of other solar companies, we called the best – SunPower by Stellar Solar. Erin Presley walked us through their proposal and showed us clearly why they were going to do the best job. Erin was knowledgeable and able to explain without gobbledygook. She did everything she said she was going to do, and stuck by us through the installation. The installation occurred much sooner than we expected and it looks great! We are just waiting for the inspection to begin soaking up the power of the sun. SunPower by Stellar Solar and Erin Presley are a great team.

Bob V., Yelp – 12/22/2019

My Solar experience has been wonderful with the entire Stellar Solar team. My initially inquiry occurred as a result of a recommendation from a close friend. I researched others, and while there were less expensive options, I decided that the recommendations that I received along with the company’s reputation and how long they have been in business was my final factors.

The process was simple, we talked about my needs and then we talked about cost. I did not finance but the options seems reasonable (market rate). I did hold off on committing to anything until after my tenting was done which Connor and his team obliged. He even locked me down on the cost and the rebate to work with me but with several conditions allowing me to back out if I wanted.

Speed ahead! I executed the contract and shortly after we did a design walk. The solar team worked alongside my roofer (I also reroof) and everything appear seamless. After installation, everything was exactly how I asked! I left out details in this review on how I wanted the panels to be arranged and how the conduit run had to be concealed which they executed flawlessly.

Took no more than a few weeks for SDGE to send me the PTO. It’s been great sense. Speaking of SENSE, Connor even recommended a nice device I look into which helped calculate my solar/energy in real time. Overall, I would recommend others! Check out the pictures of the installation and sense.

Simon Y., Yelp – 7/18/2019

We met with several solar panel Companies as well as Costco’s backed solar company called Sunrun. After meeting with the other companies and then sitting and talking with Keith Davey we realized what a difference a seasoned, well-informed representative can give the ease of mind to make the right decision.
I highly recommend that you contact Stellar Solar and request Keith Davey as your representative to understand if you should buy or lease, The importance of The brand of solar panel and having your representative calculate correctly the number of panels required in order for you to be comfortable with your energy usage.
Don’t be fooled by companies who tell you we’re giving you a $10,000 battery for free if you go with us. A single battery will not sustain more than 5 circuits. it’s more of a cost/ return on investment that doesn’t make sense for everyone. It also doesn’t mean you can buy 2kw less of solar panels like Sunrun was recommending. If people are in an area that will be getting shut off frequently the cost may make sense.
In any case, we did our homework and we are very happy we did because we just got our first bill and we were happy to report we don’t have to pay anything other than the cost of the panels.
Highly recommend Keith Davey to come and talk to you he’s up to date with what the utility companies are implementing for time of usage and peak hours as well as how we can be smart with our solar usage.
Remember each time you invest in solar power you save our planet too.

Sharon M., Yelp – 10/31/2019

Zac helped me to install a 4kW system, and it has been working flawlessly. The best part was how smooth the whole process was, it only took about 3 weeks from start to receive permission from SDGE to operate. Zac helped every step of the way, everything was done right the first time and on time. I am definitely recommending Sunpower by Stellar to all my friends.

Yelp H.M., 3/14/2019

After reviewing tons of information online, and having a few other companies visit my home to provide me with quotes, I chose Stellar Solar to install my panels. From the beginning, it was a smooth and easy process. We had great communication with the multiple points of contact from our initial sales rep to the engineers. I chose to also do an electrical panel upgrade which was well worth it since my house was built in 1955. The job was finished in one day, early, and looks great. The follow up was also amazing to ensure everything was running smoothly and we were able to read the production status through their app. I highly recommend going with this company. It was a little bit pricier, but well worth it. So far, so good. I will update my review after a couple of months if anything goes awry!

Yelp Stacie R., 2/15/2019

We had bought a home that came with a small SunPower solar installation. We wanted to expand it b/c it wasn’t enough to cover all our energy needs. Did the usual and got a few quotes and did a bunch of research online. The SunPower panels were consistently rated very high and we love the black on black look. Stellar Solar was a master installer for SunPower so we got the quote from them. I filled out their online form to get a quote. Then contacted by Tom to provide some initial info regarding our power bill. That allowed him to design a system to meet our needs. Next we met with Tom, who was very professional, and he walked us through the entire process. I had a handful of follow up questions before making the final decision and he answered all those as well. No pressure. He made sure we were comfortable with our decision and the whole process was very easy.

Installation was completed in a day for a 16 panel system. It did take literally all day, but the crew was really working hard to get it done. I felt a little bad for them as it probably should have been split into two days, but that was the scheduling. Anyways, the crew was very friendly and professional. The quality of the work was excellent and we have been loving our system.

Every part of the process with Stellar Solar, for us, was very well executed. From Sales, to project management, to installation, to completion (turn the system on). There was always someone to answer any question we had. Tom followed up afterwards just to make sure everything was going well with our system. Nice to know that they care. If you want to feel taken care of, I highly recommend going with Stellar Solar for your solar needs.

Yelp Charlton T., 1/7/2019

I started solar company research 4 years ago. I quickly canceled my research because all the companies pissed me off. It seemed like a complete scam/hustle.
Then this year I started my research again. Solar power is too important, so I got back into the ring to, this time, pull the trigger and get it done.
I have issues with getting the best quality at the best price.
I got three quotes and then went full on into third party solar panel comparisons, all available for free online.
I plugged in the exact panels each company was quoting me.
SunPower was off ALL the charts in quality, production and warranty/lasting production.
Absolutely, by far the best product.
But that’s not my only criteria, I expect very good customer care.
My salesman Marc got me dialed in and permits acquired with very little effort on my part.
I had an old roof, and asked a roofing friend to quote me replacing prior to solar install. Except I prefer all warranty work under the same company, so I contacted Marc to see what Stellar could do.
He matched the roofing cost AND upgraded the singles to “Cooling Series” for no additional cost.
Sorry for such a long review, but the best is yet to come.
The installation crew. Luis, Ken, Robert and Matt.
So way above and beyond in every task. Painted all my vents to match the brand new metal trim they installed. Replaced dry rot wood panels, took care of my dog Bowser, cleaned up better than when they arrived, and were the most friendly, accommodating, efficient and fun crew I could ask for.
Complete 24 panel system, with brand new roof, installed to perfection AND cleaned up in 5 days!!
I’ve done your research for you.
This company is your best option!
Feel free to hit me up with any additional questions. This company is worth it!

Yelp Scott G., 11/17/2018

Stellar Solar is a very good company, they installed a solar system of 24 panels for me, very quickly and on time. All employees with whom we had to deal were very efficient, knowledgeable and nice. more especially Connor Smith and Scott Forster. I strongly recommend Stellar Solar.

Yelp KM., 7/23/2018

Met with Dave Gersz at my home to learn about SunPower Panels. no pressure, just facts and how it would all progress should i move forward with Stellar Solar. of course after he left, i went down my own rabbit hole of internet research which only confirmed what he told me earlier in the day. Dave was there every step of the way, (before and after signing the contract) checking in and answering any questions i had. the install team: everyone was professional and friendly. it was obvious that aesthetics and the quality of the install were important to them…i particularly appreciated having the crew respect my home and have a sense of responsibility to get it right. we’ve been nonstop at this house since we moved in so i’ve been dealing with plenty of contractors, tradesmen etc, and these guys have been top notch…and quite frankly a breath of fresh air. once the panels were up, they scheduled the inspection and even though they told me it could be up to a week for SDGE to give us our Permission to Operate green light, i got mine the day after the inspection. everything was handled by them and i just had to field emails or phone calls to set up times i would be home, which was simple because i work from home. the onsite tech walked me through how to login/use the monitoring app and how to flip the breakers on once we received PTO. seamless, professional and simple.

there’s a lot of solar installers out there, which, if you’re reading this review, you know. Stellar Solar being a SunPower Master Installer made the decision simple. i suppose it’s a personal decision whether you want SunPower or Panasonic or LG or whatever panels. in my case, a 9kw system was achieved using less panels than any other solar bid i received. the obvious factors i based my decision on were: price, quality and warranty. efficiency was sort of important to me, but not a limiting factor. a 9kw system will produce the target numbers regardless if it’s 26 panels or 30 that gets you there. quality and especially their warranty, easily brought SunPower to the top…which unfortunately also puts their price point into the ‘premium’ category. if you’ve come this far, my final suggestions is to really look into the specifics of the warranties on your bids: who will be answering the phone on the other end, and who will be responsible for fixing any issues you have with your system.

Yelp Don H., 6/11/2018

When I started considering solar in 2017, I figured they’d all probably be too expensive. I gathered quotes from about 7 companies in San Diego and was surprised at the varying proposals, value propositions, and price points. However, even with a variety of big names in the mix only a couple stood out with a strong proposal and technically competent sales reps; of those, Stellar Solar came in with the best value and price on top of best equipment and reputable team. I bought a 4 kW (DC) system of SunPower black panels with microinverters, and a replacement of roof underlayment.

I like to understand what I am buying, down to the materials and research behind the numbers, so I can determine the true value to my situation (roof condition and layout, payoff period, aesthetic, etc), rather than taking marketing at face value. While some companies are all about the lowest price and big numbered guarantees, the competitive prices and warranty should be table stakes and not the draw. As a homeowner, I want to know that there’s sound engineering, reliable technology, and safe practices for those guarantees to stand on, because even if a defective panel, racking, or leaking mount is covered under warranty, I’d much rather it not happen in the first place. I can’t be comfortable trusting a company sourcing the cheapest equipment of the day from around the world, knowing that even if something goes wrong I at least saved a few bucks. Keith Davey (keithd1@stellarsolar.net – 858.805.1126)and his team were able to answer all of my questions and educate me about their installations, real world experiences, and manufacturer support. Being a SunPower Master Dealer gives them access to manufacturer training, support, and prices in exchange for exclusively installing SunPower equipment, which are designed in California and are continually the benchmark of high quality. Since the same company makes the panels, inverters, racking, and monitoring, it’s designed to work seamlessly and naturally eliminates manufacturer finger-pointing if something fails. Throughout the process, Keith and the Stellar Solar team got me all the documentation and information I needed to help me get approved by my HOA, and took care of permitting, utility paperwork, and inspection arrangements themselves.

When it came to installation, the team was top notch. They were on time and professional, and after a quick consult on my preferred conduit routing, they got to work and finished roof underlayment replacement and full installation in about 3 days. After a few more days and inspection, authorizations went through and I was permitted to turn on the system, generate, and afterwards monitor production. All the visible electrical runs were minimal, paint matched, and left little visual impact.

[Aside: My only disappointment, as a tech-savvy person, is the lack of features in SunPower’s monitoring system – to no fault of Stellar Solar. The monitoring box is tiny, but has no data dsplays. Everything goes to SunPower servers to view online or in an app, which gives you current total kW generation and cumulative kWh bar charts – no individual-panel data, no custom reports, no subscriptions, and no other data visualizations. Performance-wise, this has zero effect, but it is tech-bummer and truly the only disappointing part of the whole experience – again no fault of Stellar Solar.]

Overall, Stellar Solar should be on your short list, if not your easy pick for installing your solar panel system. My neighbor go his quoted and installed right after mine and is equally happy with his. The all black panels and hidden conduit/wiring look incredibly slick and keep up the aesthetic of the house, and besides the SunPower monitoring’s lacking of features, I am very happy and am so far on track with my expected generation, enjoying the lower utility bills while using AC!

Yelp Ryan Y., 6/9/2018

I selected Stellar Solar, for SunPower solar panels, because of great reviews, and now I understand why!

The folks at Stellar Solar are professional, cost efficient, excellent customer care service, field service is great, and I’m an extremely satisfied client, that would highly recommend Stellar Solar to all wanting to save money, and generate energy! Another reason I selected solar panels, is for the benefit of tax credits.

I met with Zac Dowell, and he thoroughly explained/educated me, with the entire process, from beginning to end. Quite frankly, I was undecided for a long time, with misconceptions of the costs, until I met with Zac, and learned the panels were totally affordable, and he didn’t try to sell me more than what I needed. Since we live in California where the sun shines, and generates power; I find amazing, and wish I purchased solar panels sooner.

The Stellar Solar installation, obtaining permits, and then turning the power switch on was exciting, and I’m so grateful to Stellar Solar for such a smooth process.

Stellar Solar is a wonderful company, and you will not be disappointed.

Yelp Dee W., 5/2/2018

After interviewing a number of vendors, I selected Stellar Solar to handle the solar installation for my home in Rancho Bernardo.

In fact, once I’d met with Marc Cirelli from Stellar, I knew I was done with the interviews. He is knowledgeable, objective, helped me understand exactly what I would be getting into with the project, and was always just a quick phone call or email away if I had any questions. I’d recommend him to anyone thinking about solar.

During the work the Stellar Solar team was always professional, never missing a deadline . . . in fact, the project started much more quickly than I’d expected. Every step of the way I was surprised when another milestone was already met, and we were that much closer to being finished.

I couldn’t be happier with the installation itself. All work was done cleanly, so the whole thing is as unobtrusive, yet efficient, as possible.

Finally, communication throughout the project was outstanding, from initial contact through walking me through the monitoring software after everything else was done. I always felt well-prepared for the next milestone during the project, and that can be key to having confidence in the outcome.

Stellar Solar comes with my highest recommendation; consider including them when you think about installing solar for yourself!

Yelp Jeff K., 4/1/2018

I’ve had three installation experiences with Marc at Stellar Solar. A close coworker, my father in law, and my own home. Whenever someone I know talks about considering installing Solar, I let them know they might be my fourth!

If you are reading Yelp reviews to consider a Solar installation company, you probably already understand that in Southern California with the existing tax rebates, net metering tiered pricing by the utility and constant sun, you should not only install solar on your home as soon as possible, but you should buy as many panels as your home can fit.

There are lots of data points available online to assist with researching solar installation pricing. You should do your own, but I have compared Stellar against the region average and they are consistently very competitively priced.

Stellar does a quality installation, as evidenced by the many positive Yelp reviews. They have a well coordinated process, with a project manager assigned to your project. High levels of communication at every step, I could text Marc questions whenever I had them (many times). Great flexibility, for example I added a curve ball late in the design by adding a RMA adapter to maintain my baseline amperage. Stellar was happy to make the minor design changes.

The installation team was also great. They used proper safety gear while on my roof, replaced broken tiles (which just happens when people walk on your roof), and Stellar gives a 10 year warranty on the installation against roof leaks.

Solar installation is a competitive business, and Stellar acts like it. They earned my business, and an easy five star recommendation. Give Stellar a chance to earn your business if you are considering installing solar.

Yelp Jonathan G., 3/30/2018

Highly recommend Stellar Solar. Very professional, excellent say-do ratio, and hassle free solar installation. Connor Smith did an excellent job in the pre-sales consultation process. Worked with me through my prior utility bills to understand my electrical demands, provided advice on what my new electric car would require for charging, and gave me several different system size proposals for me to consider. The process to get a Solar Mosaic loan was then very seamless – great rate and all done electronically.

Now Jeff Warren stepped in as the installation coordinator. Did a fantastic job keeping me in the loop thru each step.

Stellar Solar then obtained the city permit, and did the installation.

First the roof guys came in, then the solar panel installers, then the roof guys came back to replace the tiles around the edge. Install ~ 5 days total.

A few days later the city did the inspection, and then permission-to-operate from SDG&E came a day or two after that.

Overall, expect a 2 month+ process. I first met Connor second week of January, and we received the PTO March 16th, then had the monitor commissioned a few weeks later. And then following PTO, Connor continued to advise me on the recommended TOU rates and best one to change to.

Great job Stellar Solar!

Yelp David L., 4/10/2018

Stellar Solar SunPower panels are cheaper than paying the monthly SDG&E bill. That should be reason enough to use them.
It gets better. I knew the above fact and contacted Marc Cirelli, who became my consultant from that day and will always remain so, he is just a call or text away. The next day, he had his team conduct an inspection to provide options for my system and was able to provide me with quotes that same night. I realized immediately that Stellar Solar could install enough panels for me to be net positive, never having to pay an electric bill again–and all for about $150-200 less per month (on average, with summer bills that tend to balloon) than I’d pay SDG&E. Now, they are paying me, as they buy the electricity back.
The installation was done in one day, including two 240 volt outlets in our garage for our electric cars. When done, they sent a great Technician out to commission our system, which enabled power generation information that is visible via the SunPower Monitor app.
Loving it. Thanks, Marc!

Yelp Rob K., 3/30/2018

Had a great experience with Stellar Solar. They delivered what was promised. Marc Cirelli was great to work with. They were able to put in a system that currently covers more than 100% of my needs and you cant even see the panels from front of house. It was great to go from a 600$ electric bill to 0$. Highly recommend.

Yelp Lisa G., 3/30/2018

I worked with Marc Cerelli and Stellar Solar for my home in La Playa (Point Loma). It was a large project and they were fantastic. The panel configuration was well designed (aesthetic) and quality of work (final product) was exception and on time. They also handled several homes on my executive team with the same outcome. I highly recommend Stellar Solar.

Yelp Chad R., 4/1/2018

I had a great experience with Keith D our salesperson. He is knowledgeable, low key and stayed involved throughout our project which included an electrical service upgrade with new main panel as well as the solar system itself. The layout is very aesthetic and the the roofer, the electrician and the panel installers were highly skilled and did a bang up job. We’re producing 40 to 50 kWh per day and its not even summer yet!

Yelp Chuck G., 4/26/2018

I bought SunPower panels from Stellar Solar about a year ago, and have been very happy with what they delivered. I put in a large system that puts out more than 100% of my use, and output has been about 10% more than expected.

There were actually some issues that came up during installation, a couple cosmetic mistakes that were made, and without hesitation they came out and did a re-installation that took them at least as long as the first installation. The end result was that the system ended up looking exceptionally good.

Problems sometimes occur when you’re in this type of business, and I was impressed that they quickly responded and made everything right, with zero push back.

Yelp T M., 2/25/2018

We contacted Stellar Solar based on a very high recommendation from a co-worker. I already had one bid from the company that installed our HVAC unit two years ago but I wanted another bid for comparison. After calling Stellar Solar they set us up with an appointment to meet with Marc Cirelli. Marc did an excellent job! He took as much time as I needed, answered all of my questions, and walked me through how the entire process would work. I was very impressed with their business model in terms of when each step of the process would be completed and when I would be asked to make a payment on the work completed at that point. I had no doubt after meeting with Marc that I wanted Stellar Solar to install our solar panels.
I had additional questions before the installation started, during the installation and afterward but Marc was always available by email and text message. He answered my questions to my satisfaction and in a very timely manner.
The installation of the panels went in very quickly, taking just 2 1/2 days. The installers were very professional being careful not to damage my roof. I am very happy with how the installation went. After passing inspection we met with the technical representative from Stellar. He was very thorough. He helped me understand the numeric display on my SDGE meter. He also took his time showing me how to monitor the system from my phone so I could see how it is performing.
Now, how happy are we with our solar panel system? All I can say is it is awesome. For example, last year during the month of March we used 515 Kwh. This March we completely powered our house and put 415 Kwh back into the grid. Since January 2018, we have completely powered our house in addition to putting 694 total Kwh back into the grid as of April 3, 2018. Those extra hours may be needed in the summer when the air conditioning is running more, or they will be hours that SDGE has to buy from us when our true-up period comes around.
I can say without any reservations whatsoever that I highly recommend Stellar Solar for your solar panel needs. You will not be disappointed.

Yelp Mustang S., 4/3/2018

So far everything has worked well. I received a very fair price for quality panels and used the quickmount pv system. I compared the quotes to other competitors and they were the lowest for top quality Sunpower panels. Marc Cirelli is a good salesman, not pushy or in your face like another one I tried to work with.

I just got the PTO and have had production now for a couple of days. Will upadte the review once i have been using for a while.

Jeremiah R., 5/13/2017