Solar Carports San Diego

Solar energy without obstructing your roof

Many businesses that do not have roof space but still want to go solar opt for solar carports or solar car shades.  The reason these structures work for so many businesses is that they provide solar energy without obstructing the business structure, as well as provide shade for cars that are parked in the lot, which many people in Southern California appreciate.

Professional solar carport installation

Solar parking shades work perfect for churches or large non-profits that may not have roof space or simply prefer not to obstruct the structure their business is based out of.  Stellar Solar has a ton of experience installing solar parking shades for businesses, for example our recent installations at Grace Lutheran Church in Escondido or the Leichtag Foundation in Encinitas.  If you’ve been thinking about going solar for your business but don’t necessarily have the roof space, a solar parking shade is probably your best option. 

Grace Lutheran Church

Leichtag Foundation

St. Margarets Church

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