21% efficiency, 25 year warranty, & 30+ year useful life

The SunPower® Black AC Modules are one of the most sought-after solar panels on the market today.  Not only do they feature state-of-the-art built-in microinverters that provide maximum efficiency and dependability, but their black back panel gives them a clean, sleek look that our customers love.  They are designed for use specifically with the SunPower Invisimount racking system, and the SunPower Equinox solar ecosystem. 

They also boast panel-level monitoring so you can keep track of the production of every panel.  They are groundbreaking panels that combine efficiency, durability, and aesthetics into one unbeatable package.

Power Data

Includes Integrated module-level maximum power point tracking

Tested Operating Conditions

It's time to electrify your life.

Solar + Home Energy Management